path: root/lib/mkmf.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-07-30* lib/mkmf.rb (dir_config): allow multiple directories separatednobu
2003-07-30commit missnobu
2003-07-29* lib/fileutils.rb (install): support preserve timestamp.eban
2003-07-24* lib/mkmf.rb (have_type): check if a type is defined.nobu
2003-07-23* lib/mkmf.rb (log_src, checking_for, create_header):nobu
2003-07-18* lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): clear $INSTALLFILES. [ruby-dev:20727]nobu
2003-07-18* lib/mkmf.rb (rm_f): use FileUtils.nobu
2003-07-03lib/mkmf.rb (VPATH): use '&&' instead of 'and'.eban
2003-07-03* array.c (rb_values_at): extract common procedure frommatz
2003-07-03* lib/mkmf.rb (VPATH): convert from Windows form to Unix form oneban
2003-06-25* variable.c (autoload_delete): should delete Qundef from iv_tbl.matz
2003-06-16* eval.c (proc_alloc): re-unification of Block and Proc. Blockmatz
2003-06-02* array.c (push_values_at): Array#values_at should work withmatz
2003-05-26* lib/mkmf.rb, lib/optparse.rb, lib/tracer.rb: use Method#to_blocknobu
2003-04-19* parse.y (void_expr0): node might become NULL after calling remove_begin().eban
2003-04-12* lib/mkmf.rb (try_func): remove COMMON_HEADERS at first for performance.eban
2003-02-09* lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): add libdir to LIBPATH unless crossnobu
2003-01-21makes possible to add files to clean and distclean targetsmichal
2003-01-19* lib/mkmf.rb (egrep_cpp): use inspect to show options.nobu
2002-12-31*, {win32,bcc32}/Makefile.sub: add new target:eban
2002-12-28* instruby.rb: remove junk args.eban
2002-12-21* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): accept pure ruby libraries.eban
2002-12-15* lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): add $(topdir) to $LIBPATH if $extmk.eban
2002-12-12* (RUBY_PROG_GNU_LD): add $CFLAGS, $CPPFLAGS, $LDFLAGSeban
2002-11-28* lib/mkmf.rb: Avoid the use of "clean::" in favor of "clean:" inknu
2002-11-27* lib/mkmf.rb: Make sure to dig the destination directory beforeknu
2002-11-14* (LIBRUBY_A): append -static. [ruby-dev:18689]nobu
2002-11-04* instruby.rb, lib/mkmf.rb: use CONFIG["ENABLE_SHARED"] instead ofusa
2002-10-28* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): use dummy_makefile to create dummynobu
2002-10-27ext/extmk.rb(78) : The unnecessary error when installing by bccwin32 is cont...H_Konishi
2002-10-27* djgpp/*: sync with the latest.eban
2002-10-24* (LIBPATHFLAG): avoid $ substitution.nobu
2002-10-23* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): site-install target for backward compatibility.nobu
2002-10-23* lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): libdir prior to topdir.nobu
2002-10-23* eval.c (rb_eval): added NODE_DSYM, symbol literal withnobu
2002-10-22* lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): add dir_config("opt").eban
2002-10-22* instruby.rb: add dryrun mode.nobu
2002-10-21* (RUBY_CPPOUTFILE): fix cache file bug.eban
2002-10-21* (XCFLAGS): CFLAGS to comile ruby itself.nobu
2002-09-25* lib/mkmf.rb (libpathflag): restore ENV['LIB'] when some error occured.usa
2002-09-23* (RUBY_MINGW32): new macro. check for the MinGWeban
2002-09-15* (OUTFLAG, CPPOUTFILE): moved from lib/mkmf.rb.eban
2002-09-13* lib/mkmf.rb ($INSTALLFILES): avoid warning when $VERBOSE mode.eban
2002-09-10* lib/mkmf.rb: $hdrdir is $top_srcdir if invoked from extmk.rbeban
2002-09-10* ext/extmk.rb, lib/mkmf.rb ($INCFLAGS): new var for -I$(topdir).eban
2002-09-08* time.c (time_free): prototype; struct time_object -> void *.eban
2002-09-08* lib/mkmf.rb (have_struct_member): moved from ext/socket/extconf.rb.eban
2002-09-08* modify program_prefix only if specifiedeban
2002-09-08bcc32/configure.bat : Control of a message.H_Konishi
2002-09-06* lib/mkmf.rb ($CC): command to compile C source.nobu