AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-12set svn:eol-stylev1_8_0_preview6shyouhei
2003-07-31This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag(no author)
2003-07-31* numeric.c (rb_num_coerce_relop): export function.matz
2003-07-31* wrap the command-proc of TkScale : pass the numeric object to the procnagai
2003-07-31 * array.c (rb_ary_collect): must get length of array for eachusa
2003-07-31* ext/openssl/extconf.rb: move gmake specific featuresgotoyuzo
2003-07-31add explicit trim modeseki
2003-07-30* lib/net/ftp.rb (return_code): obsolete.shugo
2003-07-30* lib/mkmf.rb (dir_config): allow multiple directories separatednobu
2003-07-30* update to 1.8.0 preview5 (but incomplete yet).matz
2003-07-30* lib/un.rb: add descriptions.eban
2003-07-30* marshal.c (w_object): marshal_dump should not take anymatz
2003-07-30* MultiTkIp.new_* accept a block to eval under the new interpreternagai
2003-07-30* bug fixnagai
2003-07-30* ruby.c (proc_options): -F set compiled regular expression to $;.matz
2003-07-30* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_sslctx_initialize): should initializegotoyuzo
2003-07-30commit missnobu
2003-07-30* error.c (rb_raise): snprintf() termination moved tonobu
2003-07-30* additional check of Tk interpreters' status for a little more safetynagai
2003-07-30* ruby.c: typo fix.eban
2003-07-30* lib/net/ftp.rb (get): fix wrong argument name. Thanks to Williamshugo
2003-07-30* ext/iconv/iconv.c (iconv_convert): append unchanged portionnobu
2003-07-30* (os2-emx): renamed from os2_emx, add flags tonobu
2003-07-29* marshal.c (w_object): if object responds to 'marshal_dump',matz
2003-07-29* fix a bug of the procedure for 'Delete' button on the safe-Tk frmaenagai
2003-07-29* change default mode of mainloop_abort_on_exception on multi-tk.rbnagai
2003-07-29* bug fixnagai
2003-07-29import erb_2_0_4b2seki
2003-07-29Small documentation correction.gsinclair
2003-07-29* lib/net/smtp.rb (send0): do taint check only when $SAFE > 0aamine
2003-07-29* ext/extmk.rb (INSTALL_PROG, INSTALL_DATA): modify verbose messages.eban
2003-07-29* MANIFEST: add lib/un.rb.eban
2003-07-29* lib/fileutils.rb (install): support preserve timestamp.eban
2003-07-29* lib/net/smtp.rb: unify coding style.aamine
2003-07-29* ruby.h (LLONG_MIN): fix typo.usa
2003-07-29* bug fix ( tested with Ruby/Tk widget demo )nagai
2003-07-29* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP::send0): add taint check.matz
2003-07-29* instruby.rb (install): preserve the timestamp for Mac OS X ranlib problem.eban
2003-07-29* ext/syck/token.c: prefixed many constants and definitions with YAML_ towhy
2003-07-29* ChangeLog: tabify.usa
2003-07-29tcltklib.c : use RTEST()nagai
2003-07-29tcltklib.c : bug fixnagai
2003-07-28* ext/syck/syck.h: Added 'syck' yacc prefixes.why
2003-07-28* ext/openssl/lib/net/https.rb (use_ssl=): raise ProtocolError ifgotoyuzo
2003-07-28* ext/configsub.rb: unusednobu