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2003-07-31* numeric.c (rb_num_coerce_relop): export function.matz
2003-07-31add explicit trim modeseki
2003-07-30* lib/net/ftp.rb (return_code): obsolete.shugo
2003-07-30* lib/mkmf.rb (dir_config): allow multiple directories separatednobu
2003-07-30* lib/un.rb: add descriptions.eban
2003-07-30commit missnobu
2003-07-30* lib/net/ftp.rb (get): fix wrong argument name. Thanks to Williamshugo
2003-07-29* marshal.c (w_object): if object responds to 'marshal_dump',matz
2003-07-29import erb_2_0_4b2seki
2003-07-29Small documentation correction.gsinclair
2003-07-29* lib/net/smtp.rb (send0): do taint check only when $SAFE > 0aamine
2003-07-29* lib/fileutils.rb (install): support preserve timestamp.eban
2003-07-29* lib/net/smtp.rb: unify coding style.aamine
2003-07-29* lib/net/smtp.rb (Net::SMTP::send0): add taint check.matz
2003-07-27* lib/set.rb: each() should return self.knu
2003-07-27* string.c (rb_str_chomp_bang): defer rb_str_modify() to actualmatz
2003-07-27* lib/debug.rb: fix breakpoint parameter parsing/checking.nahi
2003-07-27add UNIXFileOwner, UNIXFileGroupseki
2003-07-26* lib/tmpdir.rb: use GetWindowsDirectory, not GetSystemDirectory. [ruby-talk:...eban
2003-07-26* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb (TkCore::chooseDirectory): back up wronglymatz
2003-07-26Added credit to PragProggsinclair
2003-07-26* variable.c (rb_mod_const_missing): "const_missing" should notmatz
2003-07-25fix: keep linenoseki
2003-07-25remove debug messagematz
2003-07-25* ext/socket/socket.c (tcp_s_gethostbyname): was usingmatz
2003-07-24* lib/yaml/dbm.rb: replace indexes with values_at.why
2003-07-24* gcc -Wall clean-up.matz
2003-07-24* lib/mkmf.rb (have_type): check if a type is defined.nobu
2003-07-24* eval.c (thgroup_add): no warning for terminated threads.matz
2003-07-24* lib/pathname.rb: added.akr
2003-07-24* ext/Win32API/lib/win32/resolv.rb: added.usa
2003-07-23* lib/webrick: imported.gotoyuzo
2003-07-23* lib/tmpdir.rb (tmpdir): new method. remove TMPDIR.eban
2003-07-23import erb-2.0.4b1seki
2003-07-23* lib/mkmf.rb (log_src, checking_for, create_header):nobu
2003-07-22* variable.c (rb_mod_const_missing): new method. [ruby-core:00441]matz
2003-07-22* lib/tmpdir.rb: remove charcters after "\000" and regularize path.usa
2003-07-21* lib/tmpdir.rb: new library to get temporary directory path,matz
2003-07-19* string.c (rb_str_match2): add warning to "~string".matz
2003-07-19Initial commit of scanf.rb.dblack
2003-07-19* lib/xmlrpc: import.matz
2003-07-18* lib/mkmf.rb (init_mkmf): clear $INSTALLFILES. [ruby-dev:20727]nobu
2003-07-18* lib/mkmf.rb (rm_f): use FileUtils.nobu
2003-07-18removed garbagenobu
2003-07-18* eval.c (rb_f_missing): VCALL is called only for LOCAL_ID. nomatz
2003-07-17* eval.c (rb_clear_cache_by_class): check both klass and origin.matz
2003-07-17* eval.c (ruby_init): set ruby_running to true aftermatz
2003-07-17* lib/ftools.rb (File::makedirs): do not handle "//" as a directory.eban
2003-07-15* lib/matrix.rb: remove elements conversion to_f, to_i, to_r.matz
2003-07-11BaseEmitter left out as well.why