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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-12mkmf: Add a configure option to set verbose mode (V=1 or 0) in mkmf.rb.Jun Aruga
2022-04-26Use compiled instead of compliedKaĆ­que Kandy Koga
2022-04-23Remove unnecessary sortKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2022-04-05Document MakeMakefile#append_cflagsAlan Wu
2022-03-20[DOC] make internally used classes/methods nodocNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-03-17Make implicit function declaration error [Feature #18615]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-01-29mkmf: unify duplicate code in pkg_configNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-01-29mkmf: pkg_config accepts multiple optionsMike Dalessio
2021-12-10Prefer flat_mapNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-11-26mkmf: take `PKG_CONFIG_PATH` from `dir_config` library pathNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-11-26mkmf: deal with environment variables in MakeMakefile#xpopenNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-11-26mkmf: MakeMakefile#xpopen may be passed an option hashNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-15Make explicit opening filesNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-03Revert "mkmf.rb: try linking at try_var" [Bug #18235]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-02Get rid of incompatible-pointer-types-discards-qualifiers warningNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-07-08mkmf.rb: try linking at try_varNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-07-03Library arguments to VC are bare file namesNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-07-03Use $ignore_error defined in mkmf.rbNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-06-24Remove also debug symbol directory at clean on macOSNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-06-24Prefer configured command as RM_RFNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-04-11mkmf.rb: convert also arch_hdrdir [Bug #16651]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-03-30mkmf: fixed install directories of header files in extension libraries [Bug #...Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-02-20MSys is a variant of CygwinNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-19Replace "iff" with "if and only if"Gannon McGibbon
2021-01-14mkmf.rb: remove at distcleanNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-01-02mkmf.rb: always try_compile as try_headerNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-29transcode-tblgen.rb: make silent a little when just -vNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-10-27Separate `send` into `public_send` and `__send__`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-13Make the mkmf methods private in the global [Bug #16896]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-05Added tooldir variableNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-08Specify explicit separator not to be affected by $;Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-19Added link_command for C++Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-19Separate @have_devel for C++Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-19Look up the language moduleNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-18Removed MakeMakefile::CNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-18Removed a debug print [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-18[EXPERIMENTAL] MakeMakefile::CXX for C++Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-07-23Make pkg_config in mkmf include -I cflags in return valueJeremy Evans
2019-05-23Suppress paranoid warnings for external/3rd-party librariesNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-08Configure directories for headers and libraries automaticallyNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-02-08Removed moving toplevel header since r12501nobu
2018-12-04Use delete_prefix instead of `sub(/\Afixed-pattern/, '')`kazu
2018-11-07Clear CC_WRAPPER in other than the toplevelnobu
2018-10-26Do not :stopdoc: entire classes/modulesnobu
2018-05-11mkmf.rb: set cppflagsngoto
2018-04-02Improve mkmf error messagenobu
2018-01-24mkmf.rb: werror on mswinnobu
2018-01-22mkmf.rb: ignore linker warningsnobu
2018-01-02int (*)(void) is incompatible with void*shyouhei
2017-12-11bccwin is no longer supportedusa