BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterEnhanced RDoc for Array#fill (#3301)Burdette Lamar12 hours
ruby_2_7test/lib/jit_support.rb: Let JIT tests skip on centos8Yusuke Endoh17 hours
ruby_2_5merge revision(s) 7e289cdf3fed588b2d5a6973e29f9ff95cb8d76c: [Backport #16949]usa4 weeks
ruby_2_6merge revision(s) 7e289cdf3fed588b2d5a6973e29f9ff95cb8d76c: [Backport #16949]usa4 weeks
ruby_2_4Bump version to 2.4.10usa3 months
ruby_2_3* ext/openssl: backport changes from openssl 2.1.2.usa21 months
ruby_2_2merge revision(s) 62968:usa2 years
ruby_2_1* 2016-04-22svn4 years
ruby_2_0_0merge revision(s): 53153 and 23405@ruby_1_9_1usa5 years
ruby_1_9_3merge revision(s) 48402:usa6 years
v2_5_8commit 4992d9fd70...usa3 months
v2_4_10commit 27f6ad737b...usa3 months
v2_6_6commit 27958c2bd6...nagachika3 months
v2_7_1commit a0c7c23c9c...NARUSE, Yui3 months
v2_7_0commit 647ee6f091...aycabta7 months
v2_7_0_rc2commit 75acbd5f00...Yusuke Endoh7 months
v2_7_0_rc1commit 8a40dce0ff...git7 months
v2_7_0_preview3commit b563439274...Nobuyoshi Nakada8 months
v2_7_0_preview2commit 02aadf1032...Yusuke Endoh9 months
v2_4_9commit 7c94ba3401...usa9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
12 hoursEnhanced RDoc for Array#fill (#3301)HEADmasterBurdette Lamar
19 hoursFixed a comment, wrong binary prefix [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
22 hoursFix missing imemo cases in objspace_dump by refactoringAlan Wu
26 hoursClarify behavior of super in method in module included in refinement [ci skip]Jeremy Evans
32 hours* 2020-07-11 [ci skip]git
32 hoursEncode ' as ' when using encode(xml: :attr)Jeremy Evans
38 hoursShow messages around the line when replacing failed in format_changelogKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
41 hoursFix an inaccurate comment in test_jitTakashi Kokubun
41 hoursMake sure vm_call_cfunc uses inlined ccTakashi Kokubun
45 hoursExplicit conversion to boolean to suppress shorten-64-to-32 warningsNobuyoshi Nakada