BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterTracer.set_get_line_procs should support block and Proc objectaycabta67 min.
trunkTracer.set_get_line_procs should support block and Proc objectaycabta67 min.
ruby_2_6merge revision(s) 6333020fc924d3ae63775c032bbe8f57364cd42e:nagachika14 days
ruby_2_5merge revision(s) 6333020fc924d3ae63775c032bbe8f57364cd42e:usa2 weeks
ruby_2_4Bump to 2.4.9 for repackagingusa7 weeks
ruby_2_3* ext/openssl: backport changes from openssl 2.1.2.usa13 months
ruby_2_2merge revision(s) 62968:usa20 months
ruby_2_1* 2016-04-22svn4 years
ruby_2_0_0merge revision(s): 53153 and 23405@ruby_1_9_1usa4 years
ruby_1_9_3merge revision(s) 48402:usa5 years
v2_7_0_preview3commit 35608760ff...NARUSE, Yui12 hours
v2_7_0_preview2commit 02aadf1032...Yusuke Endoh4 weeks
v2_4_9commit 7c94ba3401...usa7 weeks
v2_4_8commit 52f881b82a...usa7 weeks
v2_5_7commit 1c39daae0f...usa7 weeks
v2_6_5commit 37c2cd3fa4...nagachika7 weeks
v2_6_4commit 6315e42c22...nagachika3 months
v2_5_6commit 189a36cfab...usa3 months
v2_4_7commit c914780585...usa3 months
v1_0_971003commit 7ad198827b...Yukihiro Matsumoto3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
67 min.Tracer.set_get_line_procs should support block and Proc objectHEADtrunkmasteraycabta
68 min.Tracer.add_filter should support block and Proc objectaycabta
69 min.Count pinned slots using only bitmapJohn Hawthorn
69 min.Optimize pinned page sortingJohn Hawthorn
69 min.Use value of use_verifier in gc_compactJohn Hawthorn
5 hours* 2019-11-23 [ci skip]git
5 hoursSuppress git error messageKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
5 hoursSkip test_validate_gemspec when tarball and git installed tooKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
7 hoursinternal.h: Add a prototype declaration for rb_gvar_readonly_setterYusuke Endoh
8 hoursRevert "Update dependencies"Vít Ondruch