path: root/test/ruby/test_marshal.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-30Use RTEST and add test for GH-6832Alan Wu
2022-08-15Optimize Marshal dump/load for large (> 31-bit) FIXNUM (#6229)John Hawthorn
2021-10-25test/ruby/test_marshal.rb: Prevent "assigned but unused variable" warningYusuke Endoh
2021-10-05marshal.c Marshal.load accepts a freeze: true option.Jean Boussier
2021-10-02Restore Hash#compare_by_identity mode [Bug #18171]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-30marshal.c: don't call the proc with partially initialized objects. (#4866)Jean byroot Boussier
2021-09-23Revive the test using US-ASCII incompatible symbolNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-23Prohibit invalid encoding symbols [Bug #18184]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-23Check the encoding of `ruby2_keywords_flag` [Bug #18184]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-22Check the entire name as `ruby2_keywords_flag` [Bug #18184]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-15Marshal.load: do not call the proc until strings have their encodingJean Boussier
2021-06-29[WIP] add error_squiggle gemYusuke Endoh
2021-01-11Suppress constant redefinition warningsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-17test/ruby: Check warning messages at a finer granularityNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-09-06Make it possible to dump and load an exception objectYusuke Endoh
2020-01-28support multi-run for test/ruby/test_marshal.rbKoichi Sasada
2020-01-17marshal.c: Support dump and load of a Hash with the ruby2_keywords flagYusuke Endoh
2020-01-02Update tests for full keyword argument separationJeremy Evans
2019-11-18Deprecate taint/trust and related methods, and make the methods no-opsJeremy Evans
2019-07-01marshal.c: check instance variable countNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-07-01marshal.c: check instance variable countNobuyoshi Nakada
2018-01-05marshal.c: allow marshalling keyword_init structk0kubun
2017-12-12Add FrozenError as a subclass of RuntimeErrorshyouhei
2017-04-06Rename RbConfig::Limits as RbConfig::LIMITSnobu
2017-03-02test: use RbConfig::Limitsnobu
2017-02-15marshal.c: revert r57631 partiallynobu
2016-11-24marshal.c: fix infinite recursionnobu
2016-06-24No respond_to? as if the default definitionnobu
2016-06-19variable.c: consider lengthnobu
2016-05-01envutil.rb defines Integer::{FIXNUM_MIN,FIXNUM_MAX}.akr
2016-03-17test_marshal.rb: assert bad linknobu
2016-03-16* marshal.c (r_object0): raise ArgumentError when linking to undefineddrbrain
2016-03-15test_marshal.rb: use assert_ruby_statusnobu
2016-03-14* marshal.c (r_object0): Fix Marshal crash for corrupt extended object.drbrain
2016-01-21* marshal.c (r_object0): honor Marshal.load post procnaruse
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-11-21ruby.c: --debug=frozen-string-literal optionnobu
2015-10-27test_marshal.rb: test_no_internal_idsnobu
2015-04-16marshal.c: class name encodingnobu
2015-04-16marshal.c: class name encodingnobu
2015-04-16marshal.c: class name encodingnobu
2015-04-16marshal.c: class name encodingnobu
2015-04-16marshal.c: class name encodingnobu
2015-03-22marshal.c: register symbol strings firstnobu
2014-07-29marshal.c: fix symlink indexnobu
2014-05-31Join threads before close pipes.akr
2014-05-31Join threads.akr
2014-02-17marshal.c: do not recycle wrapper objectsnobu
2014-02-08marshal.c: Numerics are not taintednobu
2014-02-06test_marshal.rb: fix test depending on heap addressnobu