AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
100 min.test/racc/test_racc_command.rb: Extend the timeoutHEADtrunkmasterYusuke Endoh
105 min.Don't change vm_stack/cfp without acquiring gvl first.Samuel Williams
4 hoursAdjust indentNobuyoshi Nakada
4 hours* expand tabs.git
4 hoursRemove IA64 support.Samuel Williams
6 hoursPartly revert directory structure for cparse.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hours* remove trailing spaces, append newline at EOF.git
7 hoursAdded binstub for racc executables.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursTemporary disabled to invoke assert_output_unchanged.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursRestore ruby/ruby change for extconf.rb.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursWorkaround for the external file for racc testHiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursuse TEMP_DIR.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursUse Test::Unit instead of Minitest and fixed test error with ruby repo.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursRestore test_dir and update prefix for Dir.mktmpdir.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursTry to use Dir.mktmpdir.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursAdded sync task for raccHiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursFixed path for ruby core repository.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hoursBackport racc-1.4.15 from upstream.Hiroshi SHIBATA
7 hours* remove trailing spaces, expand tabs.git
7 hoursRework debug conditional.Samuel Williams
7 hoursUse shared implementation of `rb_ec_initialize_vm_stack`.Samuel Williams
7 hoursUpdate `stack_start` and `stack_maxsize` according to stack direction.Samuel Williams
7 hoursSpecify that size is non-committed memory.Samuel Williams
7 hoursMake sure `alloca` fast path is used (inline assembler).Samuel Williams
7 hoursUse default stack size for worker thread (no th pointer available).Samuel Williams
7 hoursHandle (empty) backtrace when thread is not born yet.Samuel Williams
7 hoursBasic assertions for thread initialization.Samuel Williams
7 hoursUse stack size defaults for win32 threads.Samuel Williams
7 hoursTrack how stack was allocated for `cont_free`.Samuel Williams
7 hoursEnsure execution context is cleared after thread is finished.Samuel Williams
7 hoursBetter handling of root fiber.Samuel Williams
7 hoursFix handling of vm_stack_size and avoid trying to deallocate it.Samuel Williams
7 hoursMove vm stack init into thread.Samuel Williams
7 hoursShow thread and fiber limits as part of bootstrap tests.Samuel Williams
7 hoursImprove benchmarks and tests for threads.Samuel Williams
7 hoursIgnore `/build*`.Samuel Williams
9 hoursMarshal distant past/futureNobuyoshi Nakada
10 hoursNew buffer for shared stringNobuyoshi Nakada
15 hoursUpdate homebrew on TravisTakashi Kokubun
15 hoursPreserve the string content at self-copyingNobuyoshi Nakada
16 hoursUse IRB.conf[:AUTO_INDENT] setting in multiline modeaycabta
16 hours* 2019-06-19git
16 hoursAvoid auto indent in prompt when dynamic auto indentaycabta
27 hoursFix auto indent crash when blank inputaycabta
27 hoursPrint starting debug message with RELINE_STDERR_TTYaycabta
27 hoursNow test-bundler is not working on macOS eitherTakashi Kokubun
28 hoursImplement auto indent for multilineaycabta
31 hours[DOC] non-nil `$,`,`$;` will be deprecated [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
35 hoursFix memory leakNobuyoshi Nakada
36 hours* expand tabs.git