AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
26 hoursnumeric.c, range.c: prohibit zero stepHEADmasterKenta Murata
27 hoursAssert in_gc >= 0 instead of guarding it (#3687)Takashi Kokubun
31 hours.github/workflows/spec_guards.yml add卜部昌平
34 hoursmutete -> mutateAlan Wu
38 hoursFix small typo in comment in lib/irb.cAndrew Kerr
39 hours* 2020-10-23 [ci skip]git
39 hoursRevert "Add assertions when inline caches are copied to MJIT"Aaron Patterson
41 hoursUse a lock level for a less granular lock.Aaron Patterson
47 hoursrational.c: try converting by to_int in Rational() (#3684)Kenta Murata
3 daysrefactoring obj_traverse_iKoichi Sasada
3 daysallow to access ivars of frozen shareable objectsKoichi Sasada
3 days* 2020-10-22 [ci skip]git
3 daysrefactoring frozen_shareable_pKoichi Sasada
3 daysrefactoring rb_obj_traverse()Koichi Sasada
3 daysrefactoring rb_ractor_confirm_belonging()Koichi Sasada
3 dayscheck main-ractor or not firstKoichi Sasada
3 daystest/json/json_parser_test.rb: suppress warningsYusuke Endoh
3 daysextend timeout of rbs test on rbs testsKoichi Sasada
3 daysRactor-safe rb_objspace_reachable_objects_fromKoichi Sasada
3 daysRemoved more unnecessary ID cachesNobuyoshi Nakada
3 daysUse rb_intern_const instead of rb_intern in Init functionsNobuyoshi Nakada
3 daysDon't redefine #rb_intern over and over againStefan Stüben
3 daysUpdate dependencies for macOSNobuyoshi Nakada
3 daysCheck dependencies on macOS tooNobuyoshi Nakada
3 daysCalculate transient heap block usable size at compile timeJacob Matthews
3 days.github: reduce copy&paste卜部昌平
3 days.travis.yml: reduce redundant tests卜部昌平
3 daysRactor.make_shareable(obj)Koichi Sasada
4 days* 2020-10-21 [ci skip]git
4 daysFeature #16812: Allow slicing arrays with ArithmeticSequence (#3241)Kenta Murata
4 daysDump FrozenCore speciallyNobuyoshi Nakada
4 daysstrip trailing spaces [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
4 daysfix conditionKoichi Sasada
4 mention TypeProfYusuke Endoh
4 daysFix an issue with generate_pretty and empty objects in the Ruby and Java impl...Chris Seaton
4 daysImplement a freeze: parser optionJean Boussier
4 daysAdded rbs and typeprof to doc/*Hiroshi SHIBATA
4 daysskip `echo foo` on SolarisKoichi Sasada
4 daysrange.c: Fix an exception message in rb_range_beg_lenKenta Murata
4 daysObjectSpace.each_object with RactorsKoichi Sasada
4 daysadd Ractor.shareable?(obj)Koichi Sasada
4 daysSome global variables can be accessed from ractorsKoichi Sasada
4 daysadd a NEWS for Fiber#transferKoichi Sasada
4 daysBundle typeprof gem as bundled gemsYusuke Endoh
4 daysAdd a Ripper.lex test of :on_embexpr_endTakashi Kokubun
5 daysRevert "reduce lock for encoding"Koichi Sasada
5 days* 2020-10-20 [ci skip]git
5 daysUse language TLS specifier if it is possible.Koichi Sasada
5 daysFollowed up with 708413807ae958afb79257b18475424e0a8a4a56Hiroshi SHIBATA
5 daysRevisit to promote digest to default gems.Hiroshi SHIBATA