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2023-09-06Use the test-unit-ruby-core gem for Test::Unit::CoreAssertionsKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-09-06[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_pkey_ec.rb: refactor tests for EC.builtin_cu...Kazuki Yamaguchi
2023-09-06[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_ossl.rb: relax assertion for error messagesKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-09-06[ruby/openssl] x509ext: let X509::ExtensionFactory#create_ext take a dotted O...Michael Richardson
2023-09-06[ruby/openssl] x509ext: test OpenSSL::X509::ExtensionFactory#create_ext with lnKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-09-06[ruby/openssl] Prefer String#unpack1Mau Magnaguagno
2023-09-06[ruby/openssl] Remove OSSL_DEBUG compile-time optionKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-08-28[ruby/openssl] Remove the pending logics by the pend_on_openssl_issue_21493.Jun Aruga
2023-08-16[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_pkey.rb: Fix pending tests in FIPS case.Jun Aruga
2023-08-16[ruby/openssl] Use openssl? instead of OpenSSL::OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER.Jun Aruga
2023-08-16[ruby/openssl] Include "additional data" message in OpenSSL errorsKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-08-16[ruby/openssl] config: relax test assertions against error messagesKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-08-16[ruby/openssl] ssl: raise SSLError if loading ca_file or ca_path failsKazuki Yamaguchi
2023-08-16[ruby/openssl] Revert "Relax error message check for OpenSSL 3.1"Kazuki Yamaguchi
2023-07-12[ruby/openssl] Add support for raw private/public keysRyo Kajiwara
2023-06-19[ruby/openssl] add OpenSSL Provider supportqwyng
2023-06-19[ruby/openssl] Fix modular square root test with LibreSSL >= 3.8Theo Buehler
2023-06-19[ruby/openssl] CI: Add the test/openssl/test_pkey.rb on the FIPS mode case.Jun Aruga
2023-06-19[ruby/openssl] Drop a common logic disabling the FIPS mode in the tests.Jun Aruga
2023-05-19[ruby/openssl] Revert "Skip OpenSSL::TestHMAC#test_dup when running with RHEL9"Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-05-19[ruby/openssl] Implement FIPS functions on OpenSSL 3.Jun Aruga
2023-05-19[ruby/openssl] CI: Add OpenSSL FIPS mode case.Jun Aruga
2023-03-16[ruby/openssl] Relax error message check for OpenSSL 3.1Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-01-30Skip OpenSSL::TestHMAC#test_dup when running with RHEL9Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-27[ruby/openssl] Added CoreAssertionsHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-27[ruby/openssl] Do not require test file in a forked process in testsAndrew Konchin
2022-12-26[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_pkey.rb: allow failures in test_s_generate_p...Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_pkey.rb: allow failures in test_s_generate_p...Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] pkey/ec: check private key validity with OpenSSL 3Joe Truba
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_ssl.rb: do not run SSL tests if not availableKazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] ssl: disable NPN support on LibreSSLKazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_asn1.rb: remove pend for unsupported LibreSS...Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] test/openssl/test_asn1.rb: skip failing tests on LibreSSL 3.6.0Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-13[ruby/openssl] Allow empty string to OpenSSL::Cipher#updateYusuke Nakamura
2022-12-13[ruby/openssl] Use SHA256 instead of SHA1 where needed in tests.Jarek Prokop
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] add BN#mod_sqrtBen Toews
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] Add support to SSL_CTX_set_keylog_callbackChristophe De La Fuente
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] pkey/ec: check existence of public key component before exportingKazuki Yamaguchi
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] pkey: restore support for decoding "openssl ecparam -genkey" o...Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] pkey/dsa: let PKey::DSA.generate choose appropriate q sizeKazuki Yamaguchi
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] hmac: use EVP_PKEY_new_raw_private_key() if availableKazuki Yamaguchi
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] ssl: enable generating keying material from SSL sessionsmadblobfish
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] Check if the option is an Hash in `pkey_ctx_apply_options0()`Nobuhiro IMAI
2022-10-17[ruby/openssl] [CI] TestHMAC#test_dup - remove 'pend' for OpenSSL 3MSP-Greg
2022-07-09[ruby/openssl] Skip a new test when old OpenSSLNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-07-09[ruby/openssl] Strip trailing spaces [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-07-08[ruby/openssl] Let OpenSSL choose the digest if digest for Openssl::OCSP::Bas...Jarek Prokop
2022-07-08[ruby/openssl] Fix test of cipher name to pass in LibreSSL 3.4Jeremy Evans
2022-07-08[ruby/openssl] Add 'ciphersuites=' method to allow setting of TLSv1.3 cipher ...twkmd12
2022-07-08[ruby/openssl] Skip optional wildcard SAN tests on LibreSSL 3.5.0+Jeremy Evans