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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-05-17Implement Hash AR tables on VWAPeter Zhu
2023-04-26add new debug log line on `rb_ractor_terminate_all`Koichi Sasada
2023-03-30show debug log for `ractor_terminal_interrupt_all`Koichi Sasada
2023-03-30`rb_ractor_thread_list()` only for current ractorKoichi Sasada
2023-03-30`rb_current_ractor_raw(b)`Koichi Sasada
2023-03-20Use an st table for "too complex" objectsAaron Patterson
2023-03-19Fix -Wclobbered warning from gcc 12Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-03-15Fix indirect counter incrementNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-03-06s/mjit/rjit/Takashi Kokubun
2023-03-06s/MJIT/RJIT/Takashi Kokubun
2023-03-06Stop exporting symbols for MJITTakashi Kokubun
2023-03-03fix timing bugKoichi Sasada
2023-03-03`Ractor::Selector#empty?`Koichi Sasada
2023-03-02Rewrite Ractor synchronization mechanismKoichi Sasada
2023-02-15`ractor_queue_enq/deq` doesn't need `rq` paramKoichi Sasada
2023-02-09Merge gc.h and internal/gc.hMatt Valentine-House
2023-01-31Remove rb_hash_st_tablePeter Zhu
2022-12-24MJIT: Cancel all on disastrous situations (#7019)Takashi Kokubun
2022-12-15Transition complex objects to "too complex" shapeJemma Issroff
2022-11-16Using UNDEF_P macroS-H-GAMELINKS
2022-10-26[Bug #19081] Show the caller location in warning for RactorNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-15More precisely iterate over Object instance variablesAaron Patterson
2022-09-21obj_refer_only_sharables_p_i: need derefernce卜部昌平
2022-08-24Disable Ractor check on 32bit architecturesAaron Patterson
2022-07-22Add "rb_" prefixes to toplevel enum definitionsYusuke Endoh
2022-07-21Expand tabs [ci skip]Takashi Kokubun
2022-04-22rename thread internal namingKoichi Sasada
2022-04-07Get rid of type-punning pointer castsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-03-30ractor.c: Add a helper function to ensure the context is a main ractorYusuke Endoh
2022-03-30Prefix ccan headers (#4568)Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-03-28Fix Ractor.receive_if + rb_vm_barrier() deadlockAlan Wu
2021-12-29`USE_RUBY_DEBUG_LOG` doesn't check `RUBY_DEVEL`Koichi Sasada
2021-12-25Suppress undef warnings for USE_RUBY_DEBUG_LOGNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-20Yet Another Ruby JIT!Jose Narvaez
2021-10-20uJIT: Implement opt_getinlinecacheAlan Wu
2021-10-20Use `RUBY_FUNCTION_NAME_STRING` for old Visual C++Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-20Cast to void pointer for `%p` in commented out code [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-20Supress `warning: data argument not used by format string [-Wformat-extra-args]`Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2021-10-03Cast to void pointer to suppress -Wformat-pedantic in RUBY_DEBUG_LOGNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-08-24[Bug #18117] Fix Ractor race condition with GCPeter Zhu
2021-07-15[Bug #18014] Fix memory leak in GC when using RactorsPeter Zhu
2021-06-23Evacuate transient heap when enabling ractorseileencodes
2021-06-01Enable VM_ASSERT in --jit CIs (#4543)Takashi Kokubun
2021-04-26Fix some typos by spell checkerRyuta Kamizono
2021-03-13Moved locking VM to an atomic operationNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-03-07Make Ractor stdio belonging to the Ractor [Bug #17672]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-02-18Ractor.allocate should not be allowedKoichi Sasada
2021-01-22fix Ractor.yield(obj, move: true)Koichi Sasada
2021-01-22alen should be actions number on ractor_select()Koichi Sasada
2021-01-22use ractor_wakeup()Koichi Sasada