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Fix Ractor.receive_if + rb_vm_barrier() deadlock
I have this scripts that deadlocks after about 5 minutes if I repeatedly run it with a shell loop: ```ruby $VERBOSE = nil lamb = ->(main, gc) do gc.verify_internal_consistency gc.verify_internal_consistency main << 1 gc.verify_internal_consistency gc.verify_internal_consistency main << 2 gc.verify_internal_consistency gc.verify_internal_consistency main << 3 gc.verify_internal_consistency gc.verify_internal_consistency end lamb[[], GC] lamb[[], GC] r = Ractor.current, GC, &lamb a = [] a << Ractor.receive_if{|msg| msg == 2} a << Ractor.receive_if{|msg| msg == 3} a << Ractor.receive_if{|msg| msg == 1} ``` Shell loop: ```shell while ./miniruby deadlock.rb; do date; done ``` Once it locks up, CTRL-C doesn't interrupt the process which led me to infer `receive_if` is looping in `ractor_receive_if()` without checking for interrupts. This can be confirmed by attaching a debugger to the deadlocked miniruby. The deadlock has one thread looping in `receive_if` and another waiting in `rb_vm_barrier()`. The barrier relies on interrupt checking to finish. Theoretically speaking the `rb_vm_barrier()` could come from one thread naturally starting GC. We found this while developing YJIT but it dead locks running with YJIT disabled. YJIT currently relies on `rb_vm_barrier()` to synchronize before changing memory protection. This diff adds an interrupt check in the loop in `Ractor#receive_if` which seems to fix the deadlock. In addition, this commit allows interrupting the following single ractor script with CTRL-C. ```shell ruby -e 'Ractor.current.send(3); Ractor.receive_if { false }' ```
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diff --git a/ractor.c b/ractor.c
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--- a/ractor.c
+++ b/ractor.c
@@ -886,6 +886,8 @@ ractor_receive_if(rb_execution_context_t *ec, VALUE crv, VALUE b)
if (result != Qundef) return result;