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2003-07-17* eval.c (ruby_init): set ruby_running to true aftermatz
2003-07-11* rename 'Shift-JIS' to 'SHIFT-JIS'matz
2003-07-10* lib/rexml/encodings/EUC-JP.rb (Encoding): use join.matz
2003-07-09* lib/rexml/encoding.rb (encoding=): oops, shouldn't havematz
2003-07-09* eval.c (rb_load): put rb_load_file() in a thread criticalmatz
2003-06-16* eval.c (proc_alloc): re-unification of Block and Proc. Blockmatz
2003-06-16* lib/rexml/quickpath.rb: escape '[' to avoid warning.eban
2003-06-15REXML hadn't been tested with Ruby 1.8.0, which was really, really,ser
2003-06-10* lib/rexml/cdata.rb,lib/rexml/quickpath.rb,lib/rexml/parsers/baseparser.rb:eban
2003-06-10The versions on the import were messed up; I imported an untranslatedser
2003-06-10Initial revisionser