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42 hoursClarify the storage argument. (#6849)Samuel Williams
3 daysIntroduce `Fiber#storage` for inheritable fiber-scoped variables. (#6612)Samuel Williams
9 daysadd debug context APIs for debuggers (frame depth)Koichi Sasada
2022-11-17Refactor RB_SPECIAL_CONST_P (#6759)Takashi Kokubun
2022-11-17Add support for `sockaddr_un` on Windows. (#6513)Samuel Williams
2022-11-17Windows: Readlink improvements (#6745)Lars Kanis
2022-11-10Remove numiv from RObjectJemma Issroff
2022-11-10Transition shape when object's capacity changesJemma Issroff
2022-11-10[Bug #19100] Add `init_int32` function to `rb_random_interface_t`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-11-10Add version to the interface of Random extensionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-11-09Reduce warningsTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Revert "Refactor field names"TSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Refactor field namesTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Support OP_REPEAT and OP_REPEAT_INCTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09[DOC] Fix missing type nameNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-26Fix -Wundef warningsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-25Prevent potential buffer overrun in onigmoYusuke Endoh
2022-10-24Use CXX14 to allow constexpr with non-return statementsNick Hengeveld
2022-10-20Add Class#attached_objectUfuk Kayserilioglu
2022-10-20Define `UNDEF_P` and `NIL_OR_UNDEF_P` [EXPERIMENTAL]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-20Move "special consts" so `Qundef` and `Qnil` differ just 1 bitNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-20[DOC] Fix RUBY_SYMBOL_FLAG comment [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-19Assert for RTEST that Qnil and Qfalse differ just 1 bitNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-19Fix and improve coroutines for Darwin (macOS) ppc/ppc64. (#5975)Sergey Fedorov
2022-10-19Add support for anonymous shared IO buffers. (#6580)Samuel Williams
2022-10-15Update `Fiber::Scheduler` documentation. (#6562)Samuel Williams
2022-10-15Introduce `Fiber::Scheduler#io_select` hook for non-blocking ``. (#6...Samuel Williams
2022-10-12Improvements to IO::Buffer implementation and documentation. (#6525)Samuel Williams
2022-10-11Revert "Revert "This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby.""Jemma Issroff
2022-10-10object.c: rb_eql returns int not VALUEJean Boussier
2022-10-08Try `nil` as default for 'default timeout'. (#6509)Samuel Williams
2022-10-07Simplify default argument specification. (#6507)Samuel Williams
2022-10-07Add IO#timeout attribute and use it for blocking IO operations. (#5653)Samuel Williams
2022-09-30Revert "This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby."Aaron Patterson
2022-09-28This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby.Jemma Issroff
2022-09-26Revert this until we can figure out WB issues or remove shapes from GCAaron Patterson
2022-09-26This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby.Jemma Issroff
2022-09-26Fix `io/buffer.h` header guard.Samuel Williams
2022-09-23Just a star [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-09-21rb_define_method: dedicated overload for rb_f_notimplement卜部昌平
2022-09-08[Bug #5317] Use `rb_off_t` instead of `off_t`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-08-27Avoid leaving a period alone [ci skip]Takashi Kokubun
2022-08-19Support Encoding::Converter newline: :lf and :lf_newline optionsJeremy Evans
2022-08-12Stop defining `RUBY_ABI_VERSION` if released versionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-08-12Add missing `rb_enc_iscntrl`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-08-12[DOC] Use `true`/`false` for `@retval`s which are `bool`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-08-07[DOC] Add return values of rb_enc_mbcputNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-07-27Adjust styles [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-07-26Rename rb_ary_tmp_new to rb_ary_hidden_newPeter Zhu