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5 hours[DOC] Fix description for `rb_postponed_job_register_one()`Daisuke Aritomo
The current documentation for `rb_postponed_job_register_one()` is explaining the differences with itself, where it should be explaining the differences with `rb_postponed_job_register()`.
5 daysFix documentation for rb_warn() and friendsBenoit Daloze
* rb_warn() does not warn if $VERBOSE is nil, the "always" is wrong. * Talk about $VERBOSE and not -W since $VERBOSE can be changed at runtime.
7 days[DOC] Missing comment markersNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-09-16Fix comment for rb_enc_str_new [ci skip]John Hawthorn
2023-09-09memory_view: Avoid using bit fieldSutou Kouhei
Bit field's memory layout is implementation-defined. See also: If memory layout is implementation-defined, it's difficult to use from FFI library such as Ruby-FFI. Notes: Merged:
2023-09-07Document that thread event hooks are called without the GVLJean Boussier
Except for the `RESUMED` event. Notes: Merged:
2023-08-29Expose `rb_process_status_wait` and hide `rb_process_status_waitv`. (#8316)Samuel Williams
Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-08-28Restore `HAVE_RB_IO_T` macro for compatibility with `kgio`, `unicorn`, etc. ↵Samuel Williams
(#8286) Notes: Merged-By: nurse <>
2023-08-25workaround clang-17 -Wc2x-extensions卜部昌平
cf: Notes: Merged:
2023-08-02YJIT: Move ROBJECT_OFFSET_* to yjit.c (#8157)Takashi Kokubun
Notes: Merged-By: maximecb <>
2023-08-01support `rescue` event for TracePointKoichi Sasada
fix [Feature #19572] Notes: Merged:
2023-07-27Resurrect rb_reg_prepare_re C APITakashi Kokubun
Existing strscan releases rely on this C API. It means that the current Ruby master doesn't work if your Gemfile.lock has strscan unless it's locked to 3.0.7, which is not released yet. To fix it, let's not remove the C API we've exposed to users.
2023-07-27Add function rb_reg_onig_matchPeter Zhu
rb_reg_onig_match performs preparation, error handling, and cleanup for matching a regex against a string. This reduces repetitive code and removes the need for StringScanner to access internal data of regex. Notes: Merged:
2023-07-24Check if macros are defined before usingNobuyoshi Nakada
Assume macros with the same prefix would be defined together.
2023-07-24RString NULL ptr check only when RUBY_DEBUGNobuyoshi Nakada
Since edf01d4e82d8e44ee30ec41fbcb7f802bc8b8c5d, fake string treats NULL as an empty string.
2023-07-20Embed struct rmatch into GC slot (#8097)Kunshan Wang
2023-07-17Move `posix_signal` declaration internal with prefix `ruby_`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-07-13Remove RARRAY_CONST_PTR_TRANSIENTPeter Zhu
RARRAY_CONST_PTR now does the same things as RARRAY_CONST_PTR_TRANSIENT. Notes: Merged:
2023-07-13Remove RARRAY_PTR_USE_TRANSIENTPeter Zhu
RARRAY_PTR_USE now does the same things as RARRAY_PTR_USE_TRANSIENT. Notes: Merged:
2023-07-13Remove rb_array_ptr_use_{start,end}Peter Zhu
Notes: Merged:
2023-07-13[Feature #19730] Remove transient heapPeter Zhu
Notes: Merged:
2023-07-13[Feature #19757] Add new API `rb_data_define`Nobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
2023-07-13Store object age in a bitmapMatt Valentine-House
Closes [Feature #19729] Previously 2 bits of the flags on each RVALUE are reserved to store the number of GC cycles that each object has survived. This commit introduces a new bit array on the heap page, called age_bits, to store that information instead. This patch still reserves one of the age bits in the flags (the old FL_PROMOTED0 bit, now renamed FL_PROMOTED). This is set to 0 for young objects and 1 for old objects, and is used as a performance optimisation for the write barrier. Fetching the age_bits from the heap page and doing the required math to calculate if the object was old or not would slow down the write barrier. So we keep this bit synced in the flags for fast access. Notes: Merged:
2023-07-04Remove reference to USE_RINCGCMatt Valentine-House
This compile time flag was removed in This commit cleans up some related dead code. Notes: Merged:
2023-06-29Fix memory leak when copying ST tablesPeter Zhu
st_copy allocates a st_table, which is not needed for hashes since it is allocated by VWA and embedded, so this causes a memory leak. The following script demonstrates the issue: ```ruby 20.times do 100_000.times do {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3, d: 4, e: 5, f: 6, g: 7, h: 8, i: 9} end puts `ps -o rss= -p #{$$}` end ``` Notes: Merged:
2023-06-27Use `rb_reg_nth_defined` instead of `rb_match_nth_defined`Nobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
2023-06-19Remove taint and untrusted flags (#7958)Nobuyoshi Nakada
* Make TAINT and UNTRUSTED flags zero These flags do nothing already, and should break nothing. * Remove TAINT and UNTRUSTED macros same as functions These macros had been defined to use with `#ifdef`, but should not be used anymore. Notes: Merged-By: maximecb <>
2023-06-17Fixes [Bug #19732]. Add missing stdint.h header to event.h.Peter Arato
Notes: Merged:
2023-06-12[DOC] Should use `NULL` instead of zeroNobuyoshi Nakada
Since no type information is available for variadic arguments, 0 is passed as `int` without promoting to pointer. On platforms where `sizeof(int) < sizeof(void*)`, the terminator argument may be read together with an adjoining word, and may not be found.
2023-06-09Optimize `Regexp#dup` and ``Nobuyoshi Nakada
When copying from another regexp, copy already built `regex_t` instead of re-compiling its source. Notes: Merged:
2023-06-08Add deprecations for public `struct rb_io` members. (#7916)Samuel Williams
* Add deprecations for public struct rb_io members. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-06-06Unify length field for embedded and heap strings (#7908)Peter Zhu
* Unify length field for embedded and heap strings The length field is of the same type and position in RString for both embedded and heap allocated strings, so we can unify it. * Remove RSTRING_EMBED_LEN Notes: Merged-By: maximecb <>
2023-06-01Expose `enum rb_io_event` flags without `_t` suffix. (#7887)Samuel Williams
Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-06-01Drop `_t` suffix from struct names. (#7886)Samuel Williams
POSIX reserves `_t` suffix in types. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-06-01Hide the usage of `rb_io_t` where possible. (#7880)Samuel Williams
This retries the compatible parts of the previously reverted PR so we can continue to update related code without breaking backwards compatibility. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-06-01Revert "Hide most of the implementation of `struct rb_io`. (#6511)"NARUSE, Yui
This reverts commit 18e55fc1e1ec20e8f3166e3059e76c885fc9f8f2. fix [Bug #19704] This breaks compatibility for extension libraries. Such changes need a discussion.
2023-05-30Hide most of the implementation of `struct rb_io`. (#6511)Samuel Williams
* Add rb_io_path and rb_io_open_descriptor. * Use rb_io_open_descriptor to create PTY objects * Rename FMODE_PREP -> FMODE_EXTERNAL and expose it FMODE_PREP I believe refers to the concept of a "pre-prepared" file, but FMODE_EXTERNAL is clearer about what the file descriptor represents and aligns with language in the IO::Buffer module. * Ensure that rb_io_open_descriptor closes the FD if it fails If FMODE_EXTERNAL is not set, then it's guaranteed that Ruby will be responsible for closing your file, eventually, if you pass it to rb_io_open_descriptor, even if it raises an exception. * Rename IS_EXTERNAL_FD -> RUBY_IO_EXTERNAL_P * Expose `rb_io_closed_p`. * Add `rb_io_mode` to get IO mode. --------- Co-authored-by: KJ Tsanaktsidis <> Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-05-27Improve `read`/`write`/`pread`/`pwrite` consistency. (#7860)Samuel Williams
* Documentation consistency. * Improve consistency of `pread`/`pwrite` implementation when given length. * Remove HAVE_PREAD / HAVE_PWRITE - it is no longer optional. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-05-26Move rb_thread_cond_struct definition into thread_native.hKJ Tsanaktsidis
On Win32, currently, rb_nativethread_cond_t is an incomplete type because it's a typedef for `struct rb_thread_cond_struct`. That means you can't actually allocate a rb_nativethread_cond_t unless you also include THREAD_IMPL_H (since its defined in thread_win32.h) (alternatively, including vm_core.h also works). Move the definition of rb_thread_cond_struct into thread_native.h to alleviate this. Notes: Merged:
2023-05-24Fix "runs a C function with the global lock unlocked and unlocks IO with the ↵Samuel Williams
generic RUBY_UBF_IO" on Windows. (#7848) * Enable borked spec. * Ensure win32 wrappers are visible and used. * Reorganise `read`/`write`/`pipe` in `thread_spec.c`. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-05-24Add support for pread/pwrite on windows. (#7827)Samuel Williams
Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2023-05-17Implement Hash ST tables on VWAPeter Zhu
Notes: Merged:
2023-04-27Constify `type` and `typed_flag` in `RTypedData`Nobuyoshi Nakada
These must not be changed once initialized.
2023-04-19Refactor `Regexp#match` cache implementation (#7724)TSUYUSATO Kitsune
* Refactor Regexp#match cache implementation Improved variable and function names Fixed [Bug 19537] (Maybe fixed in * Add a comment of the glossary for "match cache" * Skip to reset match cache when no cache point on null check Notes: Merged-By: makenowjust <>
2023-04-14Add RB_WARN_CATEGORY_DEFAULT_BITSJean Boussier
Followup: ac123f167a364c3d7a43eca78d564e41f6dbb91e RB_WARN_CATEGORY_ALL_BITS is exposed in a public header, so it makes sense for it to be updated to contain all valid bits. Instead we introduce RB_WARN_CATEGORY_DEFAULT_BITS to list the categories that are enabled by default. Notes: Merged:
2023-04-13Emit a performance warning when a class reached max variationsJean Boussier
[Feature #19538] This new `peformance` warning category is disabled by default. It needs to be specifically enabled via `-W:performance` or `Warning[:performance] = true` Notes: Merged:
2023-04-13Disable all warning categories other than `RB_WARN_CATEGORY_ALL_BITS`Nobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
2023-04-07[Bug #19584] [DOC] Tweek description of `rb_gc_register_address`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-04-04[Feature #19579] Remove !USE_RVARGC code (#7655)Peter Zhu
Remove !USE_RVARGC code [Feature #19579] The Variable Width Allocation feature was turned on by default in Ruby 3.2. Since then, we haven't received bug reports or backports to the non-Variable Width Allocation code paths, so we assume that nobody is using it. We also don't plan on maintaining the non-Variable Width Allocation code, so we are going to remove it. Notes: Merged-By: maximecb <>
2023-03-31Support `IO#pread` / `IO#pwrite` using fiber scheduler. (#7594)Samuel Williams
* Skip test if non-blocking file IO is not supported. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>