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2022-03-16Remove Unicode 13.0.0 related filesMartin Dürst
2022-03-13update Unicode Version to 14.0.0 and Emoji version to 14.0Martin Dürst
2021-07-09Remove no longer needed include files (Unicode Version 12.1.0)Martin Dürst
2021-07-08Add directory and include files for Unicode version 13.0.0Martin Dürst
2020-04-05Suppress warnings: reserved for numbered parameterKazuki Tsujimoto
2019-04-05remove Unicode 12.0.0 related directory and generated filesduerst
2019-04-05update to Unicode Version 12.1.0 (beta)duerst
2019-03-06delete directory and files related to Unicode version 11.0.0duerst
2019-03-06update Unicode version (and Emoji version) to 12.0.0duerst
2018-12-09delete Unicode 10.0.0 related files, no longer needed [#14802]duerst
2018-12-05update to Unicode 11.0.0 (main step, not complete yet)duerst
2018-11-27Embed the Emoji versionnobu
2018-11-23prepare for Unicode 11.0.0 updateduerst
2018-11-16Make some internal functions staticnobu
2018-10-16revert r65091, r65090 because ci failsduerst
2018-10-16update to Unicode 11.0.0 (basic step, not complete yet)duerst
2018-10-16add some comments to enc/unicode/case-folding.rb [ci skip]duerst
2017-12-08support gperf 3.1nobu
2017-12-02fix for emoji-data.txtnobu
2017-09-06remove Unicode 9.0.0-related filesduerst
2017-09-06update Ruby to Unicode 10.0.0duerst
2017-03-23enc-unicode.rb: uniname2ctype_offsetnobu
2017-03-23update name2ctype.hnobu
2016-12-04remove special processing for U+03B9/U+03BC/U+A64Bduerst
2016-12-04Reorder codepoints in some entries of CaseUnfold_11_Tableduerst
2016-12-01Use offsetof macro and shrink table sizenobu
2016-12-01constify CaseMappingSpecialsnobu
2016-11-30Regexp supports Unicoe 9.0.0's \Xnaruse
2016-11-30fix uppercasing for U+A64B, CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER MONOGRAPH UKduerst
2016-09-07* unicode/8.0.0/casefold.h, name2ctype.h, unicode/data/8.0.0:duerst
2016-09-07* Updated Unicode version to 9.0.0 [Feature #12513]duerst separate unicode headersnobu
2016-07-17Move generated headers to unicode data directorynobu
2016-07-15enc/unicode: check Unicode versionsnobu update enc/unicode/name2ctype.hnobu
2016-06-30case-folding.rb: define version numbersnobu
2016-06-30case-folding.rb: check version numbersnobu
2016-06-28Revert "Use gperf 3.0.4"naruse
2016-06-27Use gperf 3.0.4naruse
2016-06-24Read CaseFolding.txt in binary modenobu
2016-06-24Updating casefold.hnobu
2016-04-01* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Data generation to implementduerst
2016-03-29* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Tweaked handling of 6duerst
2016-03-29* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Removing data for idempotentduerst
2016-03-22* remove trailing spaces.svn
2016-03-22* include/ruby/oniguruma.h: Additional flag for characters that are titlecase.duerst
2016-03-11* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Streamlining approach toduerst
2016-02-27* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Reducing size of TitleCaseduerst
2016-02-25* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb: Adding possibility for debugging outputduerst