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authorduerst <duerst@b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e>2016-12-04 01:58:54 +0000
committerduerst <duerst@b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e>2016-12-04 01:58:54 +0000
commit8baa73be48a5ed210aad0c7a4a752bad8c1e32e8 (patch)
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parent31fb4e3ec387da3764bea4772858cad55c504a28 (diff)
remove special processing for U+03B9/U+03BC/U+A64B
* enc/unicode.c: Remove special processing for U+03B9/U+03BC/U+A64B (GREEK SMALL LETTERs IOTA/MU, CYRILLIC SMALL LETTER MONOGRAPH UK) from onigenc_unicode_case_map and simplify code. * enc/unicode/case-folding.rb: Remove check for U+03B9/U+03BC/U+A64B. This and the previous few related commits make sure that we won't hit the equivalent of bug #12990 anymore for future updates of Unicode versions. git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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1 files changed, 1 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/enc/unicode/case-folding.rb b/enc/unicode/case-folding.rb
index aa6c6d5..829efef 100755
--- a/enc/unicode/case-folding.rb
+++ b/enc/unicode/case-folding.rb
@@ -305,11 +305,7 @@ class CaseMapping
when item.upper then flags += '|U'
when item.lower then flags += '|D'
- unless from=='03B9' or from=='03BC' or from=='A64B'
- # cf. code==0x03B9||code==0x03BC||code==0xA64B in enc/unicode.c,
- # towards the end of function onigenc_unicode_case_map
- raise "Unpredicted case 0 in enc/unicode/case_folding.rb. Please contact"
- end
+ raise "Unpredicted case 0 in enc/unicode/case_folding.rb. Please contact"
unless item.upper == item.title
if item.code == item.title