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2008-10-25* ($MANTYPE): followed ruby.1, which had moved.yugui
2008-10-24* (sitedir): considers --program-prefix andyugui
2008-10-17* ( ignores failures at loading.nobu
2008-09-19* applied OS/2 support patch from Brendan Oakleymatz
2008-09-19* dln.c: newer BeOS support. a patch from Pete Goodevematz
2008-09-07* (XLDFLAGS): added --enable-auto-import for cygwin andnobu
2008-09-07* Mac OS X's crypt(2) is broken with invalid salt.kazu
2008-08-24* (BUILTIN_TRANSSRCS): defined.akr
2008-08-22* (gmtime_r): check if reentrant versions are available.nobu
2008-08-20* always check timezone().shugo
2008-08-20* removed strftime from AC_REPLACE_FUNCS().shugo
2008-08-14* (gnumake): check for GNU make.nobu
2008-08-13* (rb_cv_gcc_function_alias): checks alias attribute.nobu
2008-08-11* (rb_cv_broken_glibc_ia64_erfc): renamed fromakr
2008-08-10*,parse.y: removed garbage spaces.nobu
2008-08-09* (rb_cv_missing__dtos18, rb_cv_missing_fconvert),nobu
2008-08-09* (rb_cv_rshift_sign, rb_cv_binary_elf): get rid ofnobu
2008-08-08* (shutdown, sched_yield, pthread_attr_setinheritsched):nobu
2008-08-06* eval_intern.h: Add support to Haiku. see [ruby-core:18110]naruse
2008-07-15* (--with-ruby-version): Add a new option to specifyknu
2008-07-12* (sizeof ptrdiff_t): check for size of ptrdiff_t.nobu
2008-07-09* (rb_cv_va_args_macro): check for __VA_ARGS__.nobu
2008-07-03describe glibc version bit more accurate.akr
2008-07-03refine configure message of broken erfc of glibc-2.3 on IA64.akr
2008-07-03* (erfc): erfc of glibc comes with Debian GNU/Linux Etchakr
2008-06-26* need a ",".ko1
2008-06-24* (rb_cv_fork_with_pthread): check after check fornobu
2008-06-21* check if fork works with pthread.nobu
2008-06-07* (VENDOR_DIR): use LIBDIR instead of PREFIX as well asnobu
2008-06-07* (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS): append default flags.nobu
2008-06-04* (CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS): include additional flags tonobu
2008-05-31*, (warnflags): defaulted to -Wallnobu
2008-05-11* (MINIRUBY): should not include extension library path.nobu
2008-05-08* (MINIRUBY), (RUBYOPT): add purelib.rb.nobu
2008-04-22* use AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS.shyouhei
2008-04-22* (struct timespec): needs time.h according to POSIX.nobu
2008-04-03*,,, {win32,bcc32}/Makefile.subnobu
2008-04-02* (cflags): expand at compile time.nobu
2008-04-01* get rid of empty expansion.nobu
2008-04-01* quoted.nobu
2008-04-01* _setjmp is available but _longjmp is not on mingw.nobu
2008-03-31* __builtin_setjmp cannot handle a variable.nobu
2008-03-31* (RUBY_SETJMP, RUBY_LONGJMP, RUBY_JMP_BUF): prefersnobu
2008-03-31* check for ssize_t. [ruby-dev:34184]nobu
2008-03-30* io.c: IO.copy_stream implemented. [ruby-dev:33843]akr
2008-03-24* sitearch should use target_cpu. [ruby-core:15986]nobu
2008-03-17* unset GREP_OPTIONS. [ruby-core:15918]nobu
2008-03-16both complex and rational are now builtin classes.tadf
2008-03-14* (RUBY_LIB_PREFIX): fix for prefix.nobu
2008-03-14* (RUBY_LIB_PREFIX): use libdir.nobu