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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-09-29configure.acnobu install_name without teenynobu use newer libtool onlynobu
2017-09-17ext/date/extconf.rb: check for timezone and altzonerhe don't check for existence of timezone()rhe
2017-09-17Rename bin/ruby as exe/rubynobu
2017-09-15rename ruby-runner as bin/rubynobu
2017-09-13LIBPATHENV on Windowsnobu moved flagsnobu use libtoolnobu
2017-07-28Include sys/select.h when checking HAVE_RB_FD_INITodaira
2017-06-21RUBY_DEVEL flagnobu use AS_IFnobu link the DWARF debug informationnobu
2017-05-23Dir as base optionnobu
2017-05-21downloader cachenobu
2017-05-20Add coverage measurement mode by using gcovmame negative time_t for mingwnobu remove dynamic option in LDSHAREDnobu
2017-05-15define RUBY_DEBUG_ENV only for main.cnobu
2017-05-14tgamma on mingwnobu
2017-05-13math.c: check argument to lgamma_rnobu
2017-05-13math.c: check argument to tgammanobu
2017-05-12fix tgamma for inifitynobu
2017-05-03Use `dd` instead of `head -c`kazu
2017-04-22define PACKED_STRUCT_UNALIGNED correctlynormal honor GIT envnobu sigsetjmp sivesigs flagnobu need GIT to check if using gitnobu detect baseruby by defaultnobu
2017-04-10Allow --without-baseruby optionnobu
2017-04-10Add --with-git optionnobu rpath with OPTDIRnobu
2017-04-05fix --with-gmp (broken by r57490)shyouhei HAVE_MALLOC_CONFnobu
2017-04-03Add IO#pread and IO#pwrite methodsnobu syscall is deprecated on macOSnobu RUBY_SO_NAME as --with-sonamenobu
2017-03-03broken mingwnobu
2017-02-02fix typo and argument of r57506naruse
2017-02-02Use carry flag to reduce instructionsnaruse use AC_SEARCH_LIBSnobu
2016-12-17Reapply r57093,r57094,r57097 "dtrace build fixes on FreeBSD"nobu
2016-12-17Reapply r57092 " repeated checks"nobu
2016-12-17Revert r57092 " repeated checks"nobu
2016-12-17Revert r57093,r57094,r57097 "dtrace build fixes on FreeBSD"naruse fix r57093nobu
2016-12-16garbage space [ci skip]nobu