path: root/tool/mkconfig.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-10mkconfig.rb: newlinesnobu
2012-10-29rbconfig/obsolete.rb: Confignobu
2012-10-25* tool/mkconfig.rb: remove string literal concatenation.usa
2012-07-06obsolete Confignobu
2011-08-13* tool/mkconfig.rb: do not make the entries related to sitedir andnobu
2010-12-17* tool/mkconfig.rb (RbConfig): get rid of unused variable.nobu
2010-12-16* tool/mkconfig.rb (RbConfig): honor ARCHFLAGS and RC_ARCHS tonobu
2010-09-21* tool/mkconfig.rb: fixed build problem on mswin64 introduced in r29278.usa
2010-09-16* tool/mkconfig.rb: Fix build with m4 1.4.15 generating duplicateknu
2010-08-23* include/ruby/version.h (RUBY_API_VERSION_*): renamed and movednobu
2010-08-07* mkconfig.rb, lib/rbconfig/obsolete.rb: warn obsolete andnobu
2010-02-18* new --with-ext and --with-out-ext options for extmk.muraken
2009-12-31* tool/mkconfig.rb: generate RbConfig.ruby in rbconfig.rb.akr
2009-10-26* mkconfig.rb: reverted r25443 because build_os is used in mkmf.rbnobu
2009-10-23* (target, target_alias): replace with real cpu.nobu
2009-08-26* tool/mkconfig.rb (program_transform_name): fix for multiple transnaruse
2009-08-26* tool/mkconfig.rb (program_transform_name): fix for autoconf 2.61nobu
2009-06-30* tool/mkconfig.rb (RbConfig.expand): get rid of exceptions onnobu
2009-05-25* tool/mkconfig.rb, tool/instruby.rb: removed redundant code.nobu
2009-05-22* instruby.rb: moved into tool/.yugui