AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-11test.rb: show messages in one linenobu
2012-12-11Experimentally recommit of r38041: specify smaller max lengthnaruse
2012-12-11* eval.c (rb_using_refinement): make the method table of an iclassshugo
2012-12-11* tool/make-snapshot: add --disable-rubygem to both MINIRUBY and RUBY.naruse
2012-12-11* test/dl/test_func.rb (test_name_with_block, test_bind, test_qsort1): call u...ngoto
2012-12-11* 2012-12-12svn
2012-12-11* ext/dl/lib/dl/func.rb (DL::Function#unbind, #bound?): suppress NoMethodErro...ngoto
2012-12-11fix a typokazu
2012-12-11* ext/fiddle/function.c ( new keyword argument :name to...ngoto
2012-12-11fix typos for r38298kazu
2012-12-11* Added --pages-dir to rdoc creation. Now doc/ items showdrbrain
2012-12-11* lib/rdoc/options.rb: Added --page-dir option for moving pages indrbrain
2012-12-11* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb: Hide private methods from RDoc.drbrain
2012-12-11* tool/make-snapshot (BASERUBY): add --disable-gem to avoid load gems.naruse
2012-12-11Revert r38301naruse
2012-12-11probes_helper.h: RUBY_DTRACE_HOOKnobu
2012-12-11test_settracefunc.rb: envutilnobu
2012-12-11* ext/dl/win32/extconf.rb: Fix typonaruse
2012-12-11Experimentally revert r38041naruse
2012-12-11* ($(MINIPRELUDE_C)): -I may break make dist.naruse
2012-12-11Revert r38296 and r38301naruse
2012-12-10More debug print for r38296naruse
2012-12-10* lib/matrix: alias {row|column}_size to {row|column}_count and use the latter.marcandre
2012-12-10* 2012-12-11svn
2012-12-10* fix the behavior when a module is included into a refinement.shugo
2012-12-10* vm_method.c (rb_method_entry_without_refinements): useshugo
2012-12-10Add debug print to debug make dist error on rubyci FreeBSDnaruse
2012-12-10* properties.nobu
2012-12-10* ext/fiddle/win32/*: library ports from DL to Fiddle.usa
2012-12-10vm_trace.c: exceptions in event hooksnobu
2012-12-10compile.c, vm_insnhelper.c: flip-flop without hidden string keynobu
2012-12-10* (LIBRUBY_SO): sign also.nobu
2012-12-10* enc/depend (link_so): prefix $(Q) for each commands.nobu, mkmf.rb: sign extensionsnobu
2012-12-10mkconfig.rb: newlinesnobu
2012-12-10KNOWNBUGS.rb: exceptions in event hooksnobu
2012-12-10test_gem_rdoc.rb: shut up skipping warningsnobu
2012-12-10* lib/irb/magic-file.rb: set a encoding, which is detected fromnari
2012-12-10* properties.nobu
2012-12-10* lib/rubygems/ext/cmake_builder.rb: Added a builder for cmake.drbrain
2012-12-10* 2012-12-10svn
2012-12-10* lib/rubygems/package.rb: Omit directories when packaging gems likedrbrain
2012-12-09envutil.rb: kill childnobu
2012-12-09* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_opt_send): Kernel#send should not useshugo
2012-12-08* 2012-12-09svn
2012-12-08* lib/rdoc/markdown/entities.rb: Added documentation.drbrain
2012-12-08* eval.c (rb_mod_refine): don't override Module#include. It'sshugo
2012-12-08* eval.c: remove Module#refinements.shugo
2012-12-08* eval.c (top_using): raise a RuntimeError if using is called in ashugo
2012-12-08Improve rdoc for Ripper, based on a patch by Oscar Del Ben [github:219]marcandre