path: root/tool/make-snapshot
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-11* tool/make-snapshot: add --disable-rubygem to both MINIRUBY and RUBY.naruse
2012-12-11* tool/make-snapshot (BASERUBY): add --disable-gem to avoid load gems.naruse
2012-12-01make-snapshot: PATH_SEPARATORnobu
2012-11-01* tool/make-snapshot: fix wrong regexp for releasing preview.naruse
2012-06-14tool/make-snapshot MKDIR_Pnobu
2012-06-14tool/make-snapshot MKDIR_Pnobu
2012-03-27* tool/make-snapshot (package): EXEEXT is now used in mkmf.rb.nobu
2012-03-27* tool/make-snapshot (package): suppress constant overwritting warnings.nobu
2010-08-19* tool/make-snapshot (usage): mention versions.nobu
2010-08-19* tool/make-snapshot (usage): add usage.nobu
2010-08-19* tool/make-snapshot (package): accept revision as BRANCH@REV.nobu
2010-03-24* tool/make-snapshot (package): take a breath for HP-UX makenobu
2010-03-24* tool/make-snapshot (Dir.mktmpdir): for 1.8.6 backward compatibility.nobu
2010-03-24* tool/make-snapshot (package): $: no longer contains ".", in trunk.nobu
2009-03-17* tool/make-snapshot (package): creates .revision.time and passesnobu
2009-01-30 * tool/make-snapshot (prereq): remove from tarball becauseusa
2009-01-16* tool/make-snapshot (package): includes all rules and expandnobu
2008-12-08* tool/make-snapshot (package): in snapshot is dummy and shouldnobu
2008-12-06* tool/make-snapshot (package): added RM and CP. [ruby-dev:37288]nobu
2008-11-06* tool/make-snapshot: binary encoding spec is no longer needed in 1.9.nobu
2008-10-28* tool/make-snapshot.rb: merged from ruby_1_9_1.yugui
2008-10-28* tool/make-snapshot: use String#bytesize.nobu
2008-09-26* (dist): nothing is need to run BASERUBY.nobu
2008-08-25* (dist): tool/make-snapshot is executable.yugui
2008-08-13* tool/make-snapshot: fix for clean up.nobu
2008-08-13* tool/make-snapshot: try to find exported directory.nobu
2008-08-12* tool/make-snapshot: fix for
2008-06-21* tool/make-snapshot: ported to ruby.nobu
2008-06-20* tool/make-snapshot: fixed digets.nobu
2008-06-20* tool/make-snapshot: do not use sha256sum; use BASERUBY insteadshyouhei
2008-06-20* tool/make-snapshot: fixed typo.nobu
2008-06-19* tool/make-snapshot: supported multiple snapshots.nobu
2008-03-01* tool/make-snapshot: prefixed r makes $revision always true.nobu
2008-03-01* tool/make-snapshot: make prereq uses MINIRUBY.matz
2007-12-25* tool/make-snapshot: add version number.nobu
2007-12-25* tool/make-snapshot: argument check, and cleanup exported directory.nobu
2007-12-25* tool/make-snapshot: more portable.eban
2007-12-25* tool/make-snapshot (revision): sed does not support +.nobu
2007-12-24* tool/make-snapshot: must create configure and lex.c.eban
2007-12-22* (encs, ext/ripper/ripper.c): needs MFLAGS.nobu