path: root/tool/leaked-globals
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-29Canonicalization functions were removed alreadyNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-27Ignore symbols declared in the platform headerNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-27Ignore objects from the "missing" directoryNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-27Get rid of \K for old BASERUBYs which have a bug in String#scanNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-27Exclude entry pointsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-27Support AC_FUNC_MEMCMPNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-06-04Update leaked-globals [Bug #16934]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-09-22st.c: Use rb_st_* prefix instead of st_* (#2479)Yusuke Endoh
2019-07-15Put colorize to library directory.Hiroshi SHIBATA
2019-05-16leaked-globals: check if un-prefixed symbols leak externallyNobuyoshi Nakada