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2022-04-25Update to ruby/spec@3affe1eBenoit Daloze
2021-12-27Skip testing --enable-all in MinGW for nowTakashi Kokubun
2021-12-19skip -v spec on MJITKoichi Sasada
2021-10-28Rename ::YJIT to RubyVM::YJITAlan Wu
2021-10-28Update to ruby/spec@21a48d9Benoit Daloze
2021-10-20Fix tests with cppflags=-DYJIT_FORCE_ENABLETakashi Kokubun
2021-10-20Update to ruby/spec@d6921efBenoit Daloze
2021-07-29Update to ruby/spec@b65d01fBenoit Daloze
2021-07-17Fix a spec failureKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2021-06-02Update to ruby/spec@a0b7d0dBenoit Daloze
2020-12-21Use Integer instead of Fixnum/BignumNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-12-13Don't emit warning when the pattern of one-line pattern matching is just a va...Kazuki Tsujimoto
2020-12-08Set default for Encoding.default_external to UTF-8 on Windows (#2877)Lars Kanis
2020-11-01Fix Rubyspec (ruby-2.7) failuresKazuki Tsujimoto
2020-11-01use one-line pattern matching for warning testsKoichi Sasada
2020-10-26Assoc pattern matching (#3703)Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-10-24Update to ruby/spec@4f59d86Benoit Daloze
2020-09-17Update to ruby/spec@e829fb0Benoit Daloze
2020-07-27Update to ruby/spec@07164daBenoit Daloze
2020-06-27Update to ruby/spec@b6b7752Benoit Daloze
2020-05-03Update to ruby/spec@032ee74Benoit Daloze
2020-04-03Refined "Drop support for ruby 2.4 from ruby/spec"Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-01Drop support for ruby 2.4 from ruby/specNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-02-28Update to ruby/spec@41bf282Benoit Daloze
2019-08-29Revert "Remove warnings of flip-flop deprecation from tests and specs"Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-06-27Update to ruby/spec@8d74d49Benoit Daloze
2019-06-05Split an assertion for f1f04caf60e4fc9dc3b12109e0be831f2d692810Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-06-03`ruby -v` may no longer be ASCII-only on non-master branchesNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-04-27Update to ruby/spec@15c9619Benoit Daloze
2019-04-01Make spec for the jit feature more general and not MRI-specificeregon
2019-04-01Simplify spec as there is no easy way to tell if MJIT support is availableeregon
2019-03-28Guard spec against msys2 shellk0kubun
2019-03-28Do not fail with --disable-jit-supportk0kubun
2019-03-28Update to ruby/spec@e81b3cderegon
2018-10-09use `should include`.ko1
2018-08-28Update to ruby/spec@6fd9472eregon
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@007e908eregon
2018-08-27Update to ruby/spec@09fa86ceregon
2018-08-03Update to ruby/spec@9be7c7eeregon
2018-07-03rubyopt_spec.rb: skip -v in RUBYOPT examplesnobu
2018-06-30Fix spec/ruby/command_line/rubylib_spec.rb for use with make test-speceregon
2018-06-27Update to ruby/spec@98c7d74eregon
2018-06-27Update to ruby/spec@a454137eregon
2018-06-15Remove warnings of flip-flop deprecation from tests and specsmame
2018-06-13Update to ruby/spec@4bb0f25eregon
2018-05-29spec/ruby: revert r63503 and r63508nobu
2018-05-27Specs must keep working on older versions and other implementationseregon
2018-05-24spec/ruby: fix RUBY_DESCRIPTION check with JIT enabledk0kubun
2018-04-29* spec/ruby/command_line/dash_upper_i_spec.rb: skip symlink on Windows likeusa
2018-04-28Generalize the check to MRI in the -I speceregon