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3 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix yanked gems being unintentionally update when other g...David Rodríguez
4 days[rubygems/rubygems] Automatically remove "ruby" from lockfile if incompleteDavid Rodríguez
6 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix `bundle outdated --strict`David Rodríguez
6 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix conservative updates regardless of `--strict`David Rodríguez
6 daysMerge rubygems/bundler HEADHiroshi SHIBATA
7 days[rubygems/rubygems] Preserve the previous behavior of raising an error when i...David Rodríguez
7 days[rubygems/rubygems] Check for errors in error streamDavid Rodríguez
7 days[rubygems/rubygems] Don't discard candidates matching ruby metadataDavid Rodríguez
8 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix crash when running `bundle outdated` in debug modeDavid Rodríguez
8 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix comment incorrectly copied from another specDavid Rodríguez
10 days[rubygems/rubygems] Make `--standalone` play nice with `--local`David Rodríguez
11 daysMerge rubygems master from SHIBATA
13 days[rubygems/rubygems] Add ignore_funding_requests config flagmoe
14 days[rubygems/rubygems] Use main as default branch for Bundler specsDavid Rodríguez
2022-07-26Merge rubygems/bundler HEADHiroshi SHIBATA
2022-07-19[rubygems/rubygems] Bundler: change error/warning message for multiple global...Takuya Noguchi
2022-07-18[rubygems/rubygems] Improve error message when gems cannot be foundDavid Rodríguez
2022-07-17[rubygems/rubygems] bundler: fix typo in inline RuboCop configTakuya Noguchi
2022-07-17[rubygems/rubygems] Show a proper error if extension dir is not writableDavid Rodríguez
2022-07-14[rubygems/rubygems] Fix misleading error if compact index cannot be copiedDavid Rodríguez
2022-07-13Merge RubyGems and Bundler masterHiroshi SHIBATA
2022-07-08[rubygems/rubygems] Fix `simulate_windows` helperDavid Rodríguez
2022-07-02[rubygems/rubygems] Account for default gems not having remote when cachingDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-27[rubygems/rubygems] Print error messages just once in verbose modeDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-26[rubygems/rubygems] Fix pending Bundler specsDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-24Sync RubyGems & Bundler with upstream repoDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-23[rubygems/rubygems] Fix standalone script generation for statically linked de...David Rodríguez
2022-06-23[rubygems/rubygems] Fix `bundle package --no-install` no longer skipping installDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-20[rubygems/rubygems] Fix extension paths in generated standalone scriptcitrusmoose
2022-06-17[rubygems/rubygems] Unset ENV set by official Ruby docker imagesDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-15[rubygems/rubygems] Revert "Support running specs with asdf version manager"David Rodríguez
2022-06-15[rubygems/rubygems] Support running specs with asdf version managerDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-12[rubygems/rubygems] Don't on gemspecs with invalid `require_paths`, just warnDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-07[rubygems/rubygems] Relax performance spec limitDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-02[rubygems/rubygems] Add test cases from SHA1 RFC and improve test failure mes...David Rodríguez
2022-06-02[rubygems/rubygems] Remove leftover debugging putsDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-01[rubygems/rubygems] Fix `bundle remove` by invalidating cached `Bundle.defint...Ellen Marie Dash
2022-06-01[rubygems/rubygems] Fix generated standalone script for default gemsDavid Rodríguez
2022-06-01[rubygems/rubygems] Skip duplicated dependency warning for gemspec dev depsDavid Rodríguez
2022-05-31[rubygems/rubygems] Give better conflict resolution adviceDavid Rodríguez
2022-05-30[rubygems/rubygems] Fix crash when commenting out a mirror in configurationDavid Rodríguez
2022-05-30[rubygems/rubygems] Fix crash when installing gems with symlinksDavid Rodríguez
2022-05-30[rubygems/rubygems] No need to use `FileUtils` to create symlinksDavid Rodríguez
2022-05-30[rubygems/rubygems] Fix failing spec on WindowsDavid Rodríguez
2022-05-30[rubygems/rubygems] Ignore `Errno::EROFS` errors when creating `bundler.lock`David Rodríguez
2022-05-29[rubygems/rubygems] Ignore `Errno::EPERM` errors when creating `bundler.lock`David Rodríguez
2022-05-27[rubygems/rubygems] Show better error when previous installation fails to be ...David Rodríguez
2022-05-24[rubygems/rubygems] Fix crash when printing resolution conflicts on metadata ...David Rodríguez
2022-05-20Merge RubyGems and Bundler HEADHiroshi SHIBATA
2022-05-20[rubygems/rubygems] Fix locale dependent spec failureDavid Rodríguez