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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysAdd default cases for cache point finding functionTSUYUSATO Kitsune
12 daysAdd OP_CCLASS_MB caseTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Reduce warningsTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Use long instead of intTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Check for integer overflow in the allocation of match_cache tableYusuke Endoh
2022-11-09Ensure that the table size for CACHE_MATCH fits with intYusuke Endoh
2022-11-09Prevent GCC warningsYusuke Endoh
2022-11-09Return ONIGERR_MEMORY if it fails to allocate memory for cache_match_optYusuke Endoh
2022-11-09Revert "Refactor field names"TSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Refactor field namesTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Remove debug printfTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Clear cache on OP_NULL_CHECK_END_MEMSTTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Support OP_REPEAT and OP_REPEAT_INCTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Reduce warningsTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Fix to compile when USE_CACHE_MATCH_OPT is disabledTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Enable optimization for PUSH_IF/OR opcodesTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Enable optimization for ANYCHAR_STAR opcodesTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Add index to the latest NULL_CHECK_STACK for fast matchingTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Add static declaration to new functionsTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Increment num_fail on OP_POP tooTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Fix look-around like operators and cclassTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Keep cache optimization info to MatchArg for global matchingTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-11-09Implement cache optimization for regexp matchingTSUYUSATO Kitsune
2022-03-30re.c: Add Regexp.timeout= and Regexp.timeoutYusuke Endoh
2022-03-29Fix multiplex backreferencs near end of string in regexp matchJeremy Evans
2022-03-24regint.h: Reduce the frequency of rb_thread_check_intsYusuke Endoh
2022-03-10Allow interrupting regexps that backtrackJeremy Evans
2021-05-07Fixed shorten-64-to-32 errors when USE_COMBINATION_EXPLOSION_CHECKNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-04-24Only define history_root member of the Oniguruma re_registers struct if USE_C...Lourens Naudé
2018-01-02label as lvalue is a GCCismshyouhei
2017-12-01re-apply r60755naruse
2017-12-01Update to Onigmo 6.1.3-669ac9997619954c298da971fcfacccf36909d05.naruse
2017-11-13regexec.c: invalidate previously matched positionnobu
2017-02-11Merge Onigmo 6.1.1naruse
2016-12-10Merge Onigmo 6.0.0naruse
2016-10-03* regexec.c (OPCODE_EXEC_HOOK): op is p-1 because p is alreadynaruse
2016-05-29* regexec.c (ONIGENC_IS_MBC_ASCII_WORD): redefine optimized one.naruse
2016-05-29* regexec.c (match_at): make compilers optimize harder.naruse
2016-04-24regexec.c: constifynobu
2015-12-22regexec.c: fix build with direct threaded VMnobu
2015-12-22regexec.c: enable direct threaded VMnobu
2015-11-26* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-11-26* regcomp.c, regenc.c, regexec.c, regint.h, enc/unicode.c:naruse
2014-12-26uninitialized variablenobu
2014-12-26fix printf format conversion specifiersnobu
2014-09-15* reg*.c: Merge Onigmo 5.15.0 38a870960aa7370051a3544naruse
2014-07-16* regcomp.c: Merge Onigmo 5.14.1 25a8a69fc05ae3b56a09.naruse
2014-06-01constify rb_encoding and OnigEncodingnobu
2013-04-13* Merge Onigmo 5.13.4 f22cf2e566712cace60d17f84d63119d7c5764ee.naruse
2013-03-11* Merge Onigmo d4bad41e16e3eccd97ccce6f1f96712e557c4518.naruse