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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author T_COMPLEX support [ci skip]nobu T_RATIONAL support [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-04lldb_rp: support Symbol [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-03lldb_rp: support T_CLASS,T_MODULE,T_ICLASS [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-03lldb_rp: use append_command_output [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-03lldb_rp: support more types [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-03lldb_rp: fix the order of results [ci skip]nobu
2018-10-02lldb_rp: reload debug info if not loaded yet [ci skip]nobu T_DATA support [ci skip]nobu
2018-09-14Partly reverted for ruby-style.el.hsbt
2018-09-14Added entries for lldb files in misc directory.hsbt
2018-09-14Removed old elisp files. New upstream repository was moved
2018-09-13Remove old ruby-mode.elkazu
2018-03-17misc/ruby-style.el: use spaces for indentationk0kubun
2017-10-02ruby-additional.el: shorten here-doc markersnobu
2017-08-10Import ruby-electric.el version 2.3.1 from upstreamknu
2017-08-03Add initial test for lldb extensionnaruse
2017-08-02Port more commands from .gdbinit to lldbyugui
2017-06-01debug.c: more enumsnobu eval outside framesnobu constants from the targetnobu
2017-05-27Initial commit of LLDB port of debug utilitynaruse
2016-11-16ruby-additional.el: unquoted code blocknobu
2016-09-11Use https instead of http in some URLskazu
2016-06-07ruby-additional.el: adjust heredoc line numbernobu
2016-06-02ruby-mode.el: squiggly heredocnobu
2016-02-29ruby-style.el: add an instruction to loadnobu
2016-01-18ruby-additional.el: ruby-decode-unicodenobu
2015-12-31ruby-additional.el: escape control codenobu
2015-12-31ruby-additional.el: encode non-ASCII code onlynobu
2015-11-12parse.y: ANDDOT fluent interfacenobu
2015-04-24Import ruby-electric.el version 2.2.3 from upstreamknu
2015-03-07ruby-additional.el: monkey-patching ruby-mode.elnobu
2015-03-06ruby-mode.el: fix regexp syntaxnobu
2015-01-26* misc/ruby-electric.el: Import version 2.2.2 fromknu
2015-01-21Import ruby-electric.el 2.2.1.knu
2014-07-29ruby-additional.el: change keynobu
2014-07-29ruby-additional.el: track by markernobu
2014-06-05* misc/README: use github link instead of rubyforge.hsbt
2014-04-23ruby-additional.el: ruby-encode-unicodenobu
2014-03-14rdoc-mode.el: fill indented blocknobu
2013-12-17misc/ruby-electric.el: Import version 2.1.1.knu
2013-12-06ruby-mode.el: expand/unexpand blocknobu
2013-10-31Record dependency on Emacs 24.3 and update commentary.knu
2013-10-30misc/ruby-additional.el: Remove functions implemented in Emacs 24.3.knu
2013-10-28* misc/ruby-electric.el: Import ruby-electric.el 2.1 fromknu
2013-10-11Import ruby-electric.el 2.0.1, a bug fix release.knu
2013-10-11Import ruby-electric.el 2.0.knu
2013-10-08Fix a typo: s/preceging/preceding/knu