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2022-11-01Ivar copy needs to happen _before_ setting the shapeAaron Patterson
2022-10-11Revert "Revert "This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby.""Jemma Issroff
2022-09-30Revert "This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby."Aaron Patterson
2022-09-28This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby.Jemma Issroff
2022-09-26Revert this until we can figure out WB issues or remove shapes from GCAaron Patterson
2022-09-26This commit implements the Object Shapes technique in CRuby.Jemma Issroff
2022-08-19Write interface instead of interfactKaĆ­que Kandy Koga
2022-08-19* remove trailing spaces. [ci skip]git
2022-08-18[ci skip][Feature #18910][lldb] Dedup lldb_initMatt Valentine-House
2022-08-18[ci-skip][Feature #18910][lldb] New directory structureMatt Valentine-House
2022-08-18[ci-skip][Feature #18910][lldb] Port rclass_ext to new LLDB FrameworkMatt Valentine-House
2022-08-18[ci-skip][Feature #18910][lldb] Port heap_page command to new LLDB frameworkMatt Valentine-House
2022-08-18[ci-skip][Feature #18910][lldb] Provide class framework for lldb commandsMatt Valentine-House
2022-07-14Get the insns_address_table from the vm_exec_core module table...Matt Valentine-House
2022-07-06fix lldb scripts on older lldb pythonAaron Patterson
2022-06-21Add T_STRUCT to lldb inspect helperJemma Issroff
2022-06-17[ci skip][lldb] Fix array length representation with USING_RVARGCMatt Valentine-House
2022-06-15[ci skip] [lldb] Ensure rbbt has loaded the globalsMatt Valentine-House
2022-06-15[ci skip] Print the rb_classext_t for a class, using an offsetMatt Valentine-House
2022-06-15Add imemo types to global namespace in lldb helpersJemma Issroff
2022-05-27Add more information to lldb dump_page helperJemma Issroff
2022-05-04Update lldb helper for iseq disassembly to use correct var nameJemma Issroff
2022-04-27Rust YJITAlan Wu
2022-04-04Make heap page sizes 64KiB by defaultPeter Zhu
2022-04-01Fix up global name references in misc/lldb_disasm.pyAaron Patterson
2022-02-02Treat TS_ICVARC cache as separate from TS_IVC cacheJemma Issroff
2022-01-26[lldb] Handle MacOS 64Kb heap pages in the lldb helpersMatt Valentine-House support RVARGC on T_CLASS [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-01-06Update for VWA stringsPeter Zhu
2021-12-03YJIT: Bounds check every byte in the assemblerAlan Wu
2021-12-01Mark JIT code as writeable / executable depending on the situationAaron Patterson
2021-11-05YJIT: use shorter encoding for mov(r64,imm) when unambiguous (#5081)Alan Wu
2021-11-04YJIT code pages refactoring for code GC (#5073)Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert
2021-11-02Fix typosNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-28Follow up the RString change [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-27Fix yjit_asm_tests.c as C99 compliant (#5033)Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-25[Feature #18239] Implement VWA for stringsPeter Zhu
2021-10-21Move the test fileNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-21Fix for out-of-place buildNobuyoshi Nakada
2021-10-20Fix non RUBY_DEBUG build warningsAlan Wu
2021-10-20Move into miscAlan Wu
2021-10-20Add an lldb script to print YJIT commentsAaron Patterson
2021-10-20Free block->incoming in invalidate_block_version()Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert
2021-10-20Added synthetic torture test with 30K tiny methodsMaxime Chevalier-Boisvert
2021-10-20Directly link libcapstone for easier developmentAaron Patterson
2021-10-20Added comments. Fixed compiler warning.Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert
2021-10-20add a helper script for ujit disasmAaron Patterson
2021-09-29lldb: Get rid of error at unpreserved encodings [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-09-28lldb: Show encoding of String [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2021-08-25[Feature #18045] Implement size classes for GCPeter Zhu