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2021-09-01Small grammar fixesStan Lo
2020-10-05[ruby/tempfile] Improve the documentation for Tempfile.create and recommend T...Benoit Daloze
2020-09-09[ruby/tempfile] Revert unlinking the fileJeremy Evans
2020-08-29Sync with ruby/tempfile@aa9ea12d94a905161cbd79af1ad9ab427f250f4eBenoit Daloze
2019-11-18Warn on access/modify of $SAFE, and remove effects of modifying $SAFEJeremy Evans
2019-09-25Make rb_scan_args handle keywords more similar to Ruby methods (#2460)Jeremy Evans
2019-09-06Fix to correctly pass keywords to Tempfile.newJeremy Evans
2019-08-30Fix keyword argument separation issues in libJeremy Evans
2019-07-03Try to avoid `not delagated` errorKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2018-12-16Enhance Tempfile docs [ci skip]nobu
2018-12-14No document of Tempfile::Remover [ci skip]nobu
2017-12-12Add uplevel keyword to Kernel#warn and use itshyouhei
2017-10-17tempfile.rb: [DOC] all arguments [ci skip]nobu
2017-10-16Layout fixes in rdoc of lib/tempfile.rb [ci skip]nobu
2017-05-19tempfile.rb: do not call File.identical? on closed streamnobu
2017-05-19tempfile.rb: remove in Tempfile.createnobu
2017-03-14Fix bug of Tempfile#size if nothing is written [Bug #13198]glass
2017-01-21lib/tempfile.rb: Specify frozen_string_literal: true.kazu
2016-11-21lib/*: remove closed checksnormal
2016-09-26* lib/tempfile.rb: provide default basename parametersonots
2016-01-27Fix doc with default value with GH-523nobu
2015-12-16Add frozen_string_literal: false for all filesnaruse
2015-06-13* lib/tempfile.rb: Fix typo. [fix GH-933] Patch by @Zorbashhsbt
2015-05-30* lib/tempfile.rb (Remover#call): fixed wrong condition introduced atusa
2015-05-30* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize): initialize @unlinked to fixusa
2015-05-30* lib/tempfile.rb:
2015-01-04* lib/tempfile.rb: provide default basename parameter.hsbt
2014-09-21tempfile.rb: fix r47655nobu
2014-09-20* lib/tempfile.rb: define parameters appropriately and someglass
2014-08-27* lib/tempfile.rb: remove "require 'thread'". its features are noglass
2014-08-11lib/tempfile.rb: include doc of Tempfile.opennobu
2014-07-23* lib/tempfile.rb: split executable code into sample directory.hsbt
2014-05-27* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#inspect): Show "(closed)" if the tempfileakr
2013-11-21tempfile.rb: get rid of warningsnobu
2013-10-01tempfile.rb: undefine finalizer on unlinknobu
2013-05-19* lib/tempfile.rb: nodoc Tempfile#inspectzzak
2013-04-20* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile.create): Close when the block exits.akr
2013-04-20* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile.create): New method.akr
2012-11-06* lib/tempfile.rb: fix confusing
2012-02-01* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#unlink, Tempfile::Remover#call): Justknu
2012-01-09* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#_close): clear @tempfile and @data[1] evennagachika
2011-12-23* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile#initialize): warn if a block is given.akr
2011-12-04* lib/tempfile.rb: don't use lock directory. [ruby-dev:39197]akr
2011-12-04fix a typo.akr
2011-12-04* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile::MAX_TRY): remove unused constant.akr
2011-08-26* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb: Fix typos and grammar mistakes. Patchdrbrain
2011-05-24* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile.{mkdir,rmdir}): revert for backwardnobu
2011-05-24* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile.{lock,unlock}_tempfile): refactor.nobu
2011-05-24* lib/tempfile.rb (Tempfile.{mkdir,rmdir}): internal methods to be overridden...nobu
2011-05-19* lib: revert r31635-r31638 and untabify with expand(1).nobu