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3 days[ruby/rdoc] Auto-correct trailing new linesVinicius Stock
10 days[ruby/rdoc] Improve `<summary>` CSS on sidebarMasafumi Koba
10 days[ruby/rdoc] Improve layout CSSMasafumi Koba
2023-05-06[ruby/rdoc] Isolate root dir if specifiedzzak
2023-05-05[ruby/rdoc] Drop the support for 2.5 or earlier because of CVE-2021-31799Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-05-02[ruby/rdoc] [DOC] stop documenting fallback `MatchData#match_length`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-05-02[ruby/rdoc] Section may not have `label`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-05-02[ruby/rdoc] Fix references to nested label in table_of_contentsNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-04-29[ruby/rdoc] Fix polynominal backtrackingNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-04-29[ruby/rdoc] Fix polynominal backtrackingNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-03-31[ruby/rdoc] Use `File.binread`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-03-03Regenerate parsers with racc-1.6.2Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-02-27Prefer to use File.readlines instead of IO.readlinesHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-02-21[ruby/rdoc] Fix RDoc::Parser::Ruby not being documentedÉtienne Barrié
2023-02-06[ruby/rdoc] Actually execute RDoc document task for coveragezzak
2023-02-03[ruby/rdoc] Add newline before returnzzak
2023-02-03[ruby/rdoc] Add rdoc:coverage default taskzzak
2022-12-26Update generated version of racc on parser headersHiroshi SHIBATA
2022-12-09Merge RDoc-6.5.0Hiroshi SHIBATA
2022-12-09[ruby/rdoc] Fix `=end` delimiterNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-09[ruby/rdoc] Non-RD part feature has not been imported to RDocNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-09[ruby/rdoc] Use TempfileNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-05[ruby/rdoc] Bump version to 6.4.0Hiroshi SHIBATA
2022-12-01[ruby/rdoc] Fix `=end` delimiterNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-01[ruby/rdoc] Non-RD part feature has not been imported to RDocNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-01[ruby/rdoc] Use TempfileNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-11-28[ruby/rdoc] Add `--no-skipping-tests` optionSven Riedel
2022-11-27[ruby/rdoc] Revert "Refactor `RDoc::Markup::Parser#tokenize`"Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-11-27[ruby/rdoc] Refactor `RDoc::Markup::Parser#tokenize`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-11-27[ruby/rdoc] Darkfish: group method call-seq in div.method-headernick evans
2022-11-27[ruby/rdoc] Darkfish: Nest sidebar ToC as a tree of headingsnick evans
2022-11-27[ruby/rdoc] Refine regexp usages and reduce substring allocationsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-11-27[ruby/rdoc] Pull up handle_tab_width to RDoc::ParserNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-27[ruby/rdoc] Delay `require "readline"` in case the terminal is in raw mode Shugo Maeda
2022-10-07[ruby/rdoc] Escape search resultsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-07[ruby/rdoc] Escape file namesNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-07[ruby/rdoc] Escape main titleNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-07[ruby/rdoc] Escape HYPERLINKsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-07[ruby/rdoc] Escape RDOCLINKsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-07[ruby/rdoc] Escape TIDYLINKsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Remove trailing spaces to fix CITakashi Kokubun
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Add center alignNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Allow spaces around pipesNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Allow escaped pipes in cellsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Allow leading pipes to be ommittedNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Allow trailing pipes to be ommittedNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Allow RDoc markups in table cellsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-10-06[ruby/rdoc] Remove unused abbrev requireDaniel Colson
2022-08-08[ruby/rdoc] Allow multiple footnotes without in-between blank linesNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-08-07[ruby/rdoc] [DOC] Removes remaining old Markup Reference ( Lamar