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2015-04-04* lib/rake/*: Gemify rake [fix GH-862][Feature #11025]hsbt
2015-02-27* lib/rake: Update to rake (9237e74), typo fix and remove needlesshsbt
2014-12-06* lib/rake: Update to rake 10.4.2hsbt
2014-11-25* append newline at EOF.svn
2014-11-25* lib/rake: Update to rake 10.4.0drbrain
2014-11-05cpu_counter.rb: separate implementationsnobu
2014-10-25rake/cpu_counter.rb: use Etc.nprocessorsnobu
2014-09-06* append newline at EOF.svn
2014-09-06* lib/rake.rb, lib/rake/*, test/rake/*: Update latest rake master(e47d023)hsbt
2014-08-27* lib/drb/acl.rb: Removed meaningless #to_s methods in interpolation.hsbt
2014-08-16rake/backtrace.rb: exclude mere prefixnobu
2014-08-16rake/backtrace.rb: remove wrong valuenobu
2014-07-15* lib/rake.rb, lib/rake/*.rb: Upgrade to rake-10.3.2hsbt
2014-01-19* ext/psych/lib/psych.rb: fix typo by @jwworth [fix GH-500]hsbt
2013-12-22* lib/{rake,rdoc,rss}/*, test/rexml/test_listener.rb: [DOC] Fix typoszzak
2013-10-11* remove trailing spaces, append newline at EOF.nobu
2013-10-11* NEWS (with all sufficient information):drbrain
2013-07-19* lib/rake/*: [DOC] Capitalize "Ruby" in documentationzzak
2013-05-19fix typos. Patch by k_takata.ktsj
2013-05-01* lib/rake/version.rb: Fix RDoc warning with :include: [Bug #8347]zzak
2013-02-10* lib/rake/doc/MIT-LICENSE: Add license file from upstreamzzak
2013-02-10* doc/rake/*: Sync Rake rdoc files from upstreamzzak
2013-02-10* doc/rake/, lib/rake/doc/: Move Rake rdoc files to lib/rakezzak
2013-01-16* .document: Removed extra spacedrbrain
2012-12-21* lib/rake/*: Updated to rake 0.9.6drbrain
2012-12-06* test/rake/helper.rb: Load envutil correctly. Removed useless rescuedrbrain
2012-11-30 * lib/rake/backtrace.rb: Removed duplication indrbrain
2012-11-29* lib/rake/*: Updated to rake 0.9.5drbrain
2012-11-22Drop executable bits.knu
2012-11-16* lib/rake/version.rb: workaround fix to build. see #7366naruse
2012-11-15* lib/rake*: Updated to rake 0.9.4drbrain
2012-11-15* lib/rake*: Updated to rake 0.9.3drbrain
2011-09-12* lib/rake/file_list.rb (Rake::FileList#egrep): there is no need tousa
2011-08-12* lib/rake: Update to Rake Prevent pollution of topleveldrbrain
2011-06-29 * math.c: Attach documentation for Math.drbrain
2011-06-28 * lib/rake: Update rake to fix some bugs and hide deprecated featuresdrbrain
2011-06-23 * lib/rake/version.rb: Fixed VERSION to work with tool/rbinstall.rbdrbrain
2011-06-23 * lib/rake: Import Rake 0.9.2drbrain
2010-12-28Deprecate Rake::RDocTask in favor of RDoc::Taskdrbrain
2010-11-08* lib/rake/*.rb: Remove unused variable warnings.marcandre
2010-05-02* lib/rdoc/task.rb (RDoc::Task): should not override newer code.nobu
2010-03-20* lib: fixed typo. a patch by Sho Hashimoto in [ruby-dev:40716].nobu
2009-10-03* lib/rake/contrib: added. [ruby-core:25918]nobu
2009-10-02* lib/rake: updated to rake code to rake-0.8.7 source code base.nobu
2009-03-09* lib/rake: updated to rake code to rake-0.8.4 source code base.nobu
2009-03-06* lib/rake/loaders/makefile.rb (Rake::MakefileLoader#load): deals withnobu
2009-03-06* lib/rake/testtask.rb (Rake::TestTask#define): passes each libsnobu
2009-03-06* lib/**/*.rb: removed unnecessary shbang lines.nobu
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2009-01-29* lib/rake.rb (FileUtils#rake_system): no longer needs workaroundnobu