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2021-12-09[ruby/open3] Update to match JRuby 9.4Charles Oliver Nutter
2021-12-09[ruby/open3] Add JRuby's Windows (JDK non-native) Open3 supportCharles Oliver Nutter
2020-12-22Update library versions of the default gems.Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-07-30Extract version number from the sourceNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-06-18[open3] only close streams if a block is passedJean Boussier
2020-05-27lib/open3.rb: make sure that pipes are closedYusuke Endoh
2018-12-12open3.rb don't use keyword splat (**).akr
2018-04-30Use `&.` instead of modifier ifkazu
2017-10-21lib/open3.rb: accept IO-like object for :stdin_data argument.akr
2016-11-21lib/open3: favor symbol proc when possiblenormal
2016-11-21lib/*: remove closed checksnormal
2015-11-14* lib/open3.rb: Specify frozen_string_literal: true.akr
2015-01-08open3.rb: Hash.try_convertnobu
2015-01-07* lib/open3.rb: Open3 properly passes non-keyword hash args to spawn.akr
2014-11-04* lib/open3.rb: fix code formatting in documentation by @JoshCheekhsbt
2014-08-10* lib/cgi/session/pstore.rb: separated sample code.hsbt
2014-08-07* lib/open3.rb: avoid unnecessary write if stdin_data is
2014-03-01* lib/open3.rb (Open3.capture3): Ignore Errno::EPIPE for writingakr
2013-12-01* lib/open3.rb: [DOC] Fix typo (s/thumnail/thumbnail/)a_matsuda
2013-11-08* lib/open3.rb: receive arguments as keyword
2013-11-06lib/open3.rb: tweaked grammar in commentsduerst
2013-01-13* lib/open3.rb : Typo in Open3 overview. Patch by zed_0xffzzak
2011-12-17update doc.akr
2011-11-05* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb, ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb,ktsj
2011-10-24update doc.akr
2011-08-03update doc.akr
2011-05-18 * lib: Convert tabs to spaces for ruby files perdrbrain
2010-07-02fix doc again.akr
2010-07-02fix doc.akr
2010-02-28update rdoc.akr
2008-12-10* lib/open3.rb (Open3.pipeline_start): return an array of threads if aakr
2008-12-08rdoc update.akr
2008-12-07rdoc update.akr
2008-12-07rdoc update.akr
2008-12-07* lib/open3.rb (Open3.capture3): renamed from Open3.poutput3.akr
2008-12-07* lib/open3.rb (Open3.poutput3): :binmode option implemented.akr
2008-12-06update rdoc.akr
2008-12-05* lib/open3.rb (Open3.pipeline_start): new method.akr
2008-12-04update rdoc.akr
2008-12-04rdoc update.akr
2008-12-04* lib/open3.rb (Open3.poutput3): new method.akr
2008-12-04* lib/open3.rb (Open3.popen3): simplified.akr
2008-12-02* lib/open3.rb (Open3.popen3): merge hash options if given. akr
2008-06-20* process.c (rb_detach_process): store detached process ID in thenobu
2008-04-26* lib/open3.rb (Open3.popen3w): removed.akr
2008-04-26describe about waiting a child process.akr
2008-04-26describe :pid thread variable.akr
2008-04-26* lib/open3.rb: double fork is replaced by spawn with Process.detach.akr
2006-10-09* lib/parsedate.rb: documentation patch from Konrad Meyermatz
2006-08-04Documentation cleanup.drbrain