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2023-03-02[ruby/irb] Handle long inspect and control character in prompttomoya ishida
2023-01-14[ruby/irb] Store context in RubyLexStan Lo
2023-01-11[ruby/irb] Formatting to header stylesHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-11[ruby/irb] Removed Release Version and Revisions for old VCS softwareHiroshi SHIBATA
2022-11-21[ruby/irb] Add commands to start and use the debuggerTakashi Kokubun
2022-11-19[ruby/irb] Document a full list of commandsTakashi Kokubun
2022-11-19[ruby/irb] Update documentation about AutocompletionTakashi Kokubun
2022-11-18[ruby/irb] Minor fixes on debug commandTakashi Kokubun
2022-11-18[ruby/irb] Add debug command ( Lo
2022-11-18[ruby/irb] Add an option to suppress code_around_bindingTakashi Kokubun
2022-11-17Drop Ruby 2.5 supportst0012
2022-11-10[ruby/irb] Transform ls's --grep/-G option to keyword argsTakashi Kokubun
2022-11-03[ruby/irb] Allow non-identifier aliases like Pry's @ and $Takashi Kokubun
2022-10-18[ruby/irb] Always use local variables in current context to parse code (https...tomoya ishida
2022-10-03[ruby/irb] Remove unnecessary Thread presence checkst0012
2022-07-12[ruby/irb] [DOC] Include updated help message ( Lamar
2022-06-28[ruby/irb] Centralize coloring control ( Lo
2022-06-20[ruby/irb] [DOC] Fix formatting in docsPeter Zhu
2022-05-18[ruby/irb] Fix documents for .irbrc pathKouhei Yanagita
2021-12-21[ruby/irb] Check colorize option correctly to clear char attr and don't use i...aycabta
2021-12-21[ruby/irb] Add resetting char attr that I forgotaycabta
2021-12-19[ruby/irb] Add information about --extra-doc-dir option in the commentsKaíque Kandy Koga
2021-10-07[ruby/irb] Update descriptions of methodsKaíque Kandy Koga
2021-10-04[ruby/irb] Fix typo of variableaycabta
2021-09-27[ruby/irb] Add doc about "echo on assignment"aycabta
2021-09-27[ruby/irb] Add a space before left parenaycabta
2021-09-10[ruby/irb] Move IRB::TOPLEVEL_BINDING from exe/irb to lib/irb/workspace.rbaycabta
2021-08-30Add --autocomplete / --noautocomplete optionsaycabta
2021-07-10[ruby/irb] Pass local variables from workspace binding to lexerJeremy Evans
2021-05-11[ruby/irb] Fix `Encoding::ConverterNotFoundError`Koichi ITO
2021-05-11[ruby/irb] Treat encodings in exception correctlyaycabta
2021-04-02[ruby/irb] SIGINT should raise Interrupt after IRB sessionKoichi Sasada
2021-02-27[ruby/irb] Update help message for next context-mode of 4Jeremy Evans
2021-01-27[ruby/irb] use `RubyLex::TerminateLineInput` appropriately [Bug #17564]Nobuhiro IMAI
2021-01-18[ruby/irb] handle repeated exception separatelyNobuhiro IMAI
2021-01-08[ruby/irb] Fix comment, irb gem supports 2.5.0 or olderaycabta
2021-01-08[ruby/irb] Fix BACK_TRACE_LIMIT logicaycabta
2021-01-08[ruby/irb] Use Exception#full_message to show backtrace in the correct orderaycabta
2021-01-08[ruby/irb] fix typo in `IRB::Irb#convert_invalid_byte_sequence`Nobuhiro IMAI
2021-01-05[ruby/irb] Escape invalid byte sequence in Exceptionaycabta
2020-12-22[ruby/irb] Support arg for measure commandaycabta
2020-12-20[ruby/irb] Add measure commandaycabta
2020-11-22[ruby/irb] Stop using bang version for #inspect of resultaycabta
2020-10-22Fix small typo in comment in lib/irb.cAndrew Kerr
2020-09-19[ruby/irb] Drop OMIT_ON_ASSIGNMENT and add :truncate option for ECHO_ON_ASSIG...aycabta
2020-09-14[ruby/irb] Omit output if first line of multiline is too longaycabta
2020-09-14[ruby/irb] Add OMIT_ON_ASSIGNMENTaycabta
2020-08-18[ruby/irb] Prefer require_relative to load the files in this libraryNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-07[DOC] get rid of parsing as TIDYLINK unintentionallyNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-26[ruby/irb] Suppress crashing when EncodingError has occurred without linenoaycabta