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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 days[ruby/irb] Allow `show_source` for private methodsTSUYUSATO Kitsune
9 days[ruby/irb] Simplify each_top_level_statementtomoya ishida
9 days[ruby/irb] Display mod key as `Option` on Darwin platformsAdam Daniels
9 days[ruby/irb] Refactor RubyLex's input/io methodsStan Lo
10 days[ruby/irb] Print deprecation warning for `help` commandStan Lo
2023-04-28[ruby/irb] Retire magic-file.rbStan Lo
2023-04-27[ruby/irb] Simplify Locale#loadStan Lo
2023-04-27[ruby/irb] Stop using MagicFile for printing help messagesStan Lo
2023-04-26[ruby/irb] Remove encoding_aliases.rbStan Lo
2023-04-26[ruby/irb] Fix Locale's encoding lookup for Japanese encodingsStan Lo
2023-04-24[ruby/irb] Simplify the help command's implementationStan Lo
2023-04-24[ruby/irb] Filter out top-level methods when using `lsStan Lo
2023-04-23[ruby/irb] fix typo in tracer ( Daniju
2023-04-09[ruby/irb] Bump version to 1.6.4ima1zumi
2023-04-08[ruby/irb] Simplify command method definitionStan Lo
2023-04-05[ruby/irb] Drop Ruby 2.6 supportStan Lo
2023-04-02[ruby/irb] Don't check RUBY_ENGINE when deciding whether to accept kargsStan Lo
2023-04-02[ruby/irb] Remove dead code ( Lo
2023-03-13[ruby/irb] Replace METHOD_IS_A with ===Stan Lo
2023-03-13[ruby/irb] Support inspecting BasicObjectStan Lo
2023-03-07[ruby/irb] Bump version to 1.6.3Stan Lo
2023-03-06[ruby/irb] Improve method completion for string and regexp thattomoya ishida
2023-03-04[ruby/irb] Drop chained methods' completion supportStan Lo
2023-03-03[ruby/irb] Avoid slow symbol completion when completion target is antomoya ishida
2023-03-02[ruby/irb] Specify metadata to provide richer information onStan Lo
2023-02-28[ruby/irb] Display and prioritise instance methods in `lsStan Lo
2023-02-27[ruby/irb] Add a comment about Rails' patch onStan Lo
2023-02-27[ruby/irb] Provide more useful message whenStan Lo
2023-02-25[ruby/irb] Remove unused Structima1zumi
2023-02-18[ruby/irb] Remove unused context argument from Worksapce#evaluateStan Lo
2023-02-15[ruby/irb] Fix help-message ( Hitoshi
2023-02-12[ruby/irb] Fix colorize backtick symboltomoya ishida
2023-01-14[ruby/irb] Store context in RubyLexStan Lo
2023-01-12[ruby/irb] Avoid calling private methods on the main objectStan Lo
2023-01-12[ruby/irb] Remove redundant argument defaults from some RubyLexStan Lo
2023-01-11[ruby/irb] Formatting to header stylesHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-11[ruby/irb] After Ruby 2.0, coding is always utf-8Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-11[ruby/irb] Removed Release Version and Revisions for old VCS softwareHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-11[ruby/irb] Drop unused arguments in `RubyLex`Stan Lo
2023-01-04[ruby/irb] workspace.rb cleanupStan Lo
2023-01-02[ruby/irb] Fix prompt and code mismatchtomoya ishida
2022-12-27[ruby/irb] Refactor RubyLex#process_literal_typeMau Magnaguagno
2022-12-27[ruby/irb] Fix wrong conf path with XDG_CONFIG_HOME. It should be under the H...Hiroshi SHIBATA
2022-12-26[ruby/irb] fix indent depth calculation after heredoc and embdoctompng
2022-12-26[ruby/irb] fix auto-indent after multiline stringtompng
2022-12-20[ruby/irb] Version 1.6.2Takashi Kokubun
2022-12-20[ruby/irb] Respect DLEXT to force-load debug.soTakashi Kokubun
2022-12-13[ruby/irb] Version 1.6.1Takashi Kokubun
2022-12-12[ruby/irb] `show_doc` command should take non-string argument tooStan Lo
2022-12-09[ruby/irb] Fix step command ( Lo