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2011-03-11 * ext/date/lib: moved from lib.tadf
2011-03-07cancel subversion backfire. sorrymatz
2011-03-07* gc.c (rb_gc_set_params): allow GC parameter configuration bymatz
2011-02-26 * lib/date.rb: [Feature #4257]tadf
2011-02-12 * lib/date.rb (Date#===): [ruby-core:35127]tadf
2010-11-22 * lib/date.rb (daynum): should be private.tadf
2010-11-21 * lib/date.rb: some improvements for performance.tadf
2010-10-24* lib/date.rb: some corrections of documentation.tadf
2010-09-12 * lib/date.rb: [ruby-core:32096] Thanks Colin Bartlett.tadf
2010-08-22 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: [ruby-core:31695]tadf
2010-08-17* lib/date.rb: Re-revert the part of r28950.naruse
2010-07-11* lib/csv.rb: Fix unused variable warnings.marcandre
2010-04-26 * complex.c, rational.c, lib/cmath.rb, lib/date.rb lib/date/delta*:tadf
2010-04-25 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/delta*: reverted experimental r24567 andtadf
2010-03-22 * lib/date.rb (Date#>>): fixed. [ruby-core:28011]tadf
2009-10-18 * lib/date.rb: do not require lib/delta.rb.tadf
2009-08-16 * lib/date/delta.rb: merged from date4. [experimental]tadf
2009-08-11 * lib/date.rb (complete_frags): Monday must be suitable for %W'stadf
2009-05-09 * lib/date.rb: use subsec instead of nsec.tadf
2008-11-24 * lib/date.rb (inspect): changed again.tadf
2008-11-11 * lib/date.rb (inspect): reverted the previous change.tadf
2008-11-10 * lib/date.rb (inspect): changed the format.tadf
2008-10-07 * lib/date.rb (today,now): should produce own instances.tadf
2008-08-22 * lib/date.rb: no need to require the "lib/rational.rb" any more.tadf
2008-05-12* lib/date.rb (once): use Object#object_id instead of Symbol#to_i.akr
2008-01-21fixed a typo.tadf
2008-01-21 * lib/date.rb (marshal_load): initialize the cache.tadf
2008-01-19 * lib/date.rb (once): use an instance variable which points a hashtadf
2008-01-19 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: parse's hints as antadf
2008-01-17 * lib/date.rb (Date::Infinity#<=>): didn't work. A patch fromtadf
2008-01-12 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: tuning for performance.tadf
2008-01-06 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb: introduced some constantstadf
2007-12-30 * lib/date.rb (_valid_time?): I'm not sure to recommend such antadf
2007-12-22* lib/date.rb: shouldn't freeze nil. [ruby-dev:32677]tadf
2007-12-01a reaction to recent time's changes.tadf
2007-11-04* eval.c (rb_f_send): allow send/__send__ to call methods of allmatz
2007-09-08 * lib/date/format.rb (str[fp]time): now check specifications moretadf
2007-07-21 * lib/date.rb, lib/date/format.rb (Date._parse): now can take sometadf
2006-12-30updated based on date2 4.0.tadf
2006-11-05updated based on date2 3.9.7.tadf
2006-10-13updated based on date2 3.9.5.tadf
2006-10-12* lib/date.rb (Date::self.complete_hash): need to check if g ismatz
2006-10-09use __send! instead of funcall.tadf
2006-09-30updated based on date2 3.9.4.tadf
2006-09-24updated based on date2 3.9.3.tadf
2006-09-22 updated based on date2 3.9.2.tadf
2006-09-10updated based on date2 3.9.1.tadf
2006-09-04updated based on date2 3.9.tadf
2006-08-25updated based on date2 3.8.2.tadf