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14 hours[rubygems/rubygems] Reduce array allocations when loading definitionSamuel Giddins
16 hours[rubygems/rubygems] Many major_deprecations supply :removed_messageEric Mueller
16 hours[rubygems/rubygems] major_deprecation accepts :removed_messageEric Mueller
2 days[rubygems/rubygems] Allow auto-install to install missing git gemsSamuel Giddins
3 days[rubygems/rubygems] Avoid re-compiling static regexp in a loopSamuel Giddins
3 days[rubygems/rubygems] update Magnus library in Rust extension gem templateMichael Go
5 daysOpaque Etags for compact index requestsJosef Šimánek
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Don't remember `--jobs` flagDavid Rodríguez
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix advice in `bundle install --system` deprecationDavid Rodríguez
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Keep a single copy of the remembered flag deprecation mes...David Rodríguez
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Avoid some unnecessary quotes in remember flag deprecatio...David Rodríguez
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Simplify remembered flags deprecation messageDavid Rodríguez
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Add missing --prefer-local to Synopsis in bundle-install....Olle Jonsson
5 days[rubygems/rubygems] Reduce allocations when installing gems with bundlerSamuel Giddins
9 days[rubygems/rubygems] Don't require 'json' unless it's actually neededEric Mueller
9 days[rubygems/rubygems] Add --json bundle-outdated flag to produce json-parseable...Eric Mueller
9 days[rubygems/rubygems] Factor group-filtering to a private method to reduce repe...Eric Mueller
10 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix universal lockfiles regressionDavid Rodriguez
11 days[rubygems/rubygems] Fix invalid platform removal missing adjacent platformsBo Anderson
2023-11-16Always revert or skip extended require of RubyGems.Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-11-15[rubygems/rubygems] User bundler UA when downloading gemsSamuel Giddins
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Make sure to `require "rubygems"` explicitlyNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Add a warning in an edge case of using `gemspec` DSLDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Remove now unnecessary dupDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Add a note about `required_rubygems_version` in BundlerDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Let RuboCop target Ruby 3.0David Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Drop support for Ruby 2.6 and Ruby 2.7 in BundlerDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Automatically lock extra ruby platformsDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Extract builder to create a `LazySpecification` from full...David Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Extract a new small platform helperDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Remove unused `SpecSet#merge`David Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Pass source to `LazySpecification` initializerDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Allow setting metadata on LazySpecificationDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-13[rubygems/rubygems] Set LazySpecification dependencies directlyDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Ensure we are using the same extension dirHan Young
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Hack to get `Gem::Specification#extensions_dir` documentedDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Simplify selecting specs with `force_ruby_platform` setDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Better error when having an insecure install folderDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Remove redundant error classDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Fix regression on old git versionsDavid Rodríguez
2023-11-08[rubygems/rubygems] Don't show bug report template when GEM_HOME has no writa...David Rodríguez
2023-11-01[rubygems/rubygems] avoid dependency on setCody Cutrer
2023-11-01[rubygems/rubygems] Add Bundler::Plugin.loaded? helperCody Cutrer
2023-10-31[rubygems/rubygems] Only remove bundler plugin gem when it's inside the cacheCody Cutrer
2023-10-25[rubygems/rubygems] Set file path when eval-ing local specification in Endpoi...Samuel Giddins
2023-10-25[rubygems/rubygems] Handle CI configuration on ignore list for Gem::Specifica...Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-10-24[rubygems/rubygems] Handle empty arrayHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-10-23[rubygems/rubygems] Disabled Style/HashSyntax for keyword argumentsHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-10-23[rubygems/rubygems] Restore using old way of passing Ruby version to resolverDavid Rodríguez
2023-10-23[rubygems/rubygems] Handle base64 encoded checksums in lockfile for future co...Martin Emde