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3 days[DOC] Missing comment markerNobuyoshi Nakada
5 daysAdd rb_hash_free for the GC to usePeter Zhu
5 daysAdd hash_st_freePeter Zhu
6 daysFix memory leak in Hash#rehash for ST hashesPeter Zhu
2023-09-06`RHASH_AR_TABLE` never returns NULL now [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-09-03[DOC] Typo in Hash#key description "so/no such value"Dorian MariƩ (perso)
2023-09-03[DOC] FIx typo in description of Hash#hash (regardless or/of order)Dorian MariƩ (perso)
2023-08-12[DOC] Don't suppress autolinksBurdetteLamar
2023-08-03Add assertion in `RHASH_AR_TABLE_BOUND`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-07-13Remove RARRAY_PTR_USE_TRANSIENTPeter Zhu
2023-06-30Don't check for null pointer in calls to freePeter Zhu
2023-06-29Fix memory leak in Hash#replacePeter Zhu
2023-06-29Fix memory leak when copying ST tablesPeter Zhu
2023-06-29Refactor rb_hash_replace to use hash_copyPeter Zhu
2023-06-23Declare `RHASH_AR_TABLE` and `RHASH_ST_TABLE` return non-nullNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-06-22Remove dead code in hash.cPeter Zhu
2023-06-12hash.c no longer needs the transient heapPeter Zhu
2023-06-08* remove trailing spaces. [ci skip]git
2023-06-08[DOC] Add comment about flags for HashPeter Zhu
2023-06-01[DOC] Mention the edge case of `any?`/`all?`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-05-23Remove dead code in rb_hash_replacePeter Zhu
2023-05-23Fix crash when replacing ST hash with AR hashPeter Zhu
2023-05-23Remove dead code in ar_copyPeter Zhu print a deprecation warning when receiving keyword arguments (#7828)Jean byroot Boussier
2023-05-17Move ar_hint to ar_table_structPeter Zhu
2023-05-17Implement Hash ST tables on VWAPeter Zhu
2023-05-17Implement Hash AR tables on VWAPeter Zhu
2023-05-12Add `rb_sys_fail_sprintf` macroNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-05-01[DOC] hash.c: fix typo in `#<=>` docsPiotr Szotkowski
2023-04-15Adjust function style [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-04-11hash.c: Fix hash_iter_lev_dec corrupting shapeJean Boussier
2023-04-06[Feature #19474] Refactor NEWOBJ macrosMatt Valentine-House
2023-03-24Change Hash#compact to keep default values and compare_by_identity flagJeremy Evans
2023-03-24Copy compare_by_identity flag for empty hashes in Hash.ruby2_keywords_hashJeremy Evans
2023-03-24Do not copy compare_by_identity flag for non-empty hashes in Hash.[]Jeremy Evans
2023-03-06Resurrect symbols used by ObjectSpaceTakashi Kokubun
2023-03-06Stop exporting symbols for MJITTakashi Kokubun
2023-02-23Implement ObjectSpace::WeakKeyMap basic allocatorJean Boussier
2023-02-19Remove (newly unneeded) remarks about aliasesBurdetteLamar
2023-02-09Merge gc.h and internal/gc.hMatt Valentine-House
2023-02-03Remove dead code in ar_copyPeter Zhu
2023-02-02Remove redundant else if statement in hash.cPeter Zhu
2023-01-31Remove rb_hash_ar_table_pPeter Zhu
2023-01-31Remove rb_hash_st_tablePeter Zhu
2023-01-31Remove rb_hash_ar_tablePeter Zhu
2023-01-20Document thread-safety issues with Hash default_procJeremy Evans
2023-01-11Assert possible hash functions in RHASH_ST_TABLE (#7107)Takashi Kokubun
2022-12-17Use FL_TEST_RAW in rb_hash_default_valueJohn Hawthorn
2022-12-17Use a BOP for Hash#defaultJohn Hawthorn
2022-11-16Using UNDEF_P macroS-H-GAMELINKS