path: root/ext/tk/sample
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-09* ext/tk: Tk is removed from stdlib. [Feature #8539]naruse
2016-08-09tcltklib/sample2.rb: use attr_accessor [ci skip]nobu
2016-08-09use true and false [ci skip]nobu
2016-03-07* ext/tk/lib/tk/menubar.rb: fix a typo in font name. [ruby-core:72505]nagachika
2015-12-28:warning: key "accelerator" is duplicated and overwritten in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-28parsedate is no more available since 1.9a_matsuda
2015-12-28Convert euc-jp resource file in Tk sample to utf-8a_matsuda
2015-12-27Method name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27ivar name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Method name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27ivar name typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Method name typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in a Tk samplea_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in a gvar namea_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo in Tk samplesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typos in messagesa_matsuda
2015-12-27Documentation typosa_matsuda
2015-12-27Typo: widget (?)a_matsuda
2015-12-24fix common misspelling [ci skip]nobu
2015-12-16handle ext/ as r53141naruse
2015-09-24ext/tk: remove $SAFE 2..4 codenobu
2015-05-27Fix typo in samples for tk ext [skip ci]nobu
2013-11-29* ext/tk/lib/tkextlib/tktable/tktable.rb: fix bug on arguments for Proc object.nagai
2013-06-17* ext/tk/extconf.rb: support s390x (Thanks to bkabrda) [ruby-trunk - Bug #5465]nagai
2013-05-19fix typos inspired by r40825kazu
2013-05-19* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-05-19fix typos. Patch by k_takata.ktsj
2013-04-24Typo by @windwiny [Fixes GH-295]zzak
2013-03-13fix typoskazu
2011-11-05* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb, ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb,ktsj
2011-09-14Merge branch 'tk_utf8' into trunkayumin
2011-05-22* ext: remove trailing spaces.nobu
2011-05-15* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2010-01-31* ext/tk/tkutil/tkutil.c: fix SEGV on TkUtil::CallbackSubst._setup_subst_table.nagai
2009-07-14* ext/tk/lib/multi-tk.rb: Long-term-callback support isn't stable yet.nagai
2009-07-12* ext/tk/extconf.rb: New strategy for searching Tcl/Tk libraries.nagai
2009-05-16* sample/drb/dhasenc.rb: add magic comment for encoding.matz
2009-04-26* ext/tk/sample/tkcombobox.rb: fix conflict with autoload definitionnagai
2009-03-06* {ext,lib,test}/**/*.rb: removed trailing spaces.nobu
2009-02-10Fix grammos regarding the verb "refer".knu
2008-12-21* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: temporary patch for trouble on TkAqua (> Tk8.4.9).nagai
2008-10-04* dln.c: Ruby no longer supports MacOS 9 or before.yugui
2008-06-16* ext/tk/sample/demos-jp/toolber.rb, ext/tk/sample/demos-en/toolber.rb:nagai
2008-06-16* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: SEGV when exit.nagai
2008-06-12* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: [trial patch] On some environments, it givesnagai
2008-06-10* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: SEGV when tcltk-stubs is enabled.nagai
2008-03-30revert git backfire in r15860; sorrymatz