path: root/ext/socket/init.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-17Add support for `sockaddr_un` on Windows. (#6513)Samuel Williams
2022-10-08Try `nil` as default for 'default timeout'. (#6509)Samuel Williams
2022-10-07Add IO#timeout attribute and use it for blocking IO operations. (#5653)Samuel Williams
2022-07-21Expand tabs [ci skip]Takashi Kokubun
2021-07-12Avoid calling `fstat` on things we already know are valid sockets.Samuel Williams
2021-06-22Deprecate and rework old (fd) centric functions.Samuel Williams
2021-06-22Direct io for accept, send, sendmsg, recvfrom, and related methods.Samuel Williams
2020-12-10Add connect_timeout to TCPSocketMasaki Matsushita
2020-05-14Thread scheduler for light weight concurrency.Samuel Williams
2020-03-31ext/socket/init.c: do not return uninitialized bufferYusuke Endoh
2019-11-18Deprecate taint/trust and related methods, and make the methods no-opsJeremy Evans
2018-11-29disable non-blocking pipes and sockets by defaultnormal
2018-11-22socket: disable nonblocking-by-default on win32normal
2018-11-22ext/socket/init.c (rsock_socket0): non-blocking for non-SOCK_NONBLOCKnormal
2018-11-22io + socket: make pipes and sockets nonblocking by defaultnormal
2018-11-08ext/socket/init.c (wait_connectable): bail out early on some errorsnormal
2018-04-30io.c: workaround for EPROTOTYPEnobu
2018-01-23init.c: encode socket error messagenobu
2017-10-27socket: fix BasicSocket#*_nonblock buffering bugs from r58400normal
2015-12-23prefer rb_syserr_failnobu
2015-12-22ext/socket/init.c (rsock_init_sock): reject reserved FDsnormal
2015-12-22fix r53231: raise Errno::EBADF like other OSesnaruse
2015-12-21avoid rb_bug on BasicSocket.for_fd(-1)normal
2015-11-23ext/socket/init.c (rsock_accept): handle ENOMEMnormal
2015-11-23use rb_gc_for_fd for more callersnormal
2015-11-17init.c: is_socketnobu
2015-11-16socket: avoid arg parsing in rsock_s_accept_nonblocknormal
2015-11-16socket: avoid arg parsing in rsock_s_recvfrom_nonblocknormal
2015-10-19init.c: glibc bugnobu
2015-07-02socket: memoize common socket families in fptr->modenormal
2015-06-17* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=3 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-06-15socket: allow explicit buffer for recv and recv_nonblocknormal
2015-06-15socket: allow exception-free nonblocking sendmsg/recvmsgnormal
2015-05-29socket: avoid redundant fcntl on Linuxnormal
2015-05-17ext/socket/init.c: use SOCK_NONBLOCK if availablenormal
2015-03-12accept_nonblock: favor rb_hash_lookup2 to avoid Hash#defaultnormal
2015-03-12accept_nonblock supports "exception: false"normal
2014-09-30protoize no-arguments functionsnobu
2014-09-22ext/socket/*.c: trivial struct packing for 64-bitnormal
2014-09-17socket (rsock_connect): fix and refactor for blockingnormal
2014-02-21* ext/socket/init.c (wait_connectable): break if the socket isshugo
2014-01-31socket: split out SOCK_CLOEXEC versions of wrappers for readabilitynormal
2014-01-31socket.c: suppress warningsnobu
2014-01-28* ext/socket: Avoid redundant fcntl/fstat syscalls for cloexecakr
2014-01-19* ext/nkf/nkf-utf8/nkf.c: fix typo by @windwiny [fix GH-506]hsbt
2014-01-18* ext/socket: Avoid unnecessary ppoll/select on Linux.akr
2013-05-13* include/ruby/ruby.h: constify RBasic::klass and addko1
2013-05-11* ext/socket: New method, Socket.getifaddrs, implemented.akr
2013-04-08Fix #6154 by introducing new EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK/EINPROGRESSheadius