path: root/ext/purelib.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-08-02* ext/purelib.rb: no longer used since the default load path ofnobu
2010-02-05* ext/purelib.rb, to simulate ruby command more precisely,mame
2009-07-15* ext/purelib.rb: translates a fake path to rubygems in $" intoyugui
2008-05-28* ext/purelib.rb: get rid of recent feature. [ruby-dev:34864]nobu
2008-05-08* (MINIRUBY), (RUBYOPT): add purelib.rb.nobu
2007-05-22* ext/purelib.rb: commit miss.nobu
2007-05-22* ext/extmk.rb, ext/purelib.rb, lib/mkmf.rb, runruby.rb: clear defaultnobu