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2009-03-03* test/dl: moved from ext/dl/test.nobu
2008-12-30* ext/dl/test/test_import.rb: fix a prototype decl.ko1
2008-12-29* ext/dl/test/test_base.rb: add libc search logic.ko1
2008-12-29* ext/dl/test/test_base.rb: add x86_64-linux's case again. #932yugui
2008-12-28* test/ext/dl/test_base.rb : add BSD's case.naruse
2008-12-28Sun Dec 28 17:10:13 2008 TAKANO Mitsuhiro (takano32) <>takano32
2008-12-28 * ext/dl/test/test_base.rb: use libc.dylib when the platform is darwin.takano32
2008-12-27 * ext/dl/test/test_base.rb: use lib64 when the architecture is x86_64.takano32
2008-08-30* ext/dl/test/test_import.rb: fix character code.akr
2006-07-06conformed to the usage of FUNC_CDECL/STDCALL described in [ruby-dev:28970].ttate
2006-06-30fixed the alignment problems discussed in [ruby-dev:28667].ttate
2005-05-09added a test.ttate
2005-03-08changed the spec of CPtr#[]/[]= to suit String#[]/[]=.ttate
2005-02-09modified some test scripts for [ruby-dev:25661].ttate
2005-02-07Use define_method instead of module_eval.ttate
2005-02-06added DL::Importer.sizeof().ttate
2005-02-04added new files.ttate
2005-02-04remove all files to replace ruby-dl with ruby-dl2.ttate
2002-11-07Get rid of ineffective symbols, lines, constants and so on.ttate
2002-06-09* ext/dl: change the callback mechanism.ttate
2002-05-20Get rid of a function.ttate
2002-05-20Get rid of the declaration of rb_str_cat2().ttate
2002-05-15Add DL::DLSTACK.ttate
2002-04-26ext/dl/ptr.c: missing break in switch statements.ttate
2002-04-11raise() -> rb_raise(). (Thanks Tetsuya Watanabe)ttate
2002-04-03Merge Nakada's patch and define StringValuePtr for ruby-1.6.ttate
2002-04-02Add ruby-dlttate