path: root/ext/digest/defs.h
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2008-03-14* include/ruby/ruby.h (inttypes.h): includes always if available.nobu
2008-03-14* ext/digest/defs.h: inttypes.h is still needed.nobu
2008-03-14* (int8_t, uint8_t, int16_t, uint16_t int32_t,naruse
2004-01-19* ext/digest/defs.h, win32/win3.c, win32/win32.h, file.c: removenobu
2003-06-01* ext/digest/defs.h: better support for old Cygwin, again.eban
2003-06-01* ext/digest/defs.h: better support for old Cygwin.eban
2003-06-01* ext/digest/defs.h: avoid warnings on Cygwin.eban
2002-06-11new platform [bccwin32] merged.H_Konishi
2002-01-16* st.c: primes should be primes.matz
2001-08-14* ext/digest/defs.h: Define NO_UINT64_T instead of emitting anknu
2001-07-13Import the "digest" module and the submodules, from the Rough Rubyknu