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2023-07-05[ruby/bigdecimal] Update to_s doc examplescryptogopher
2023-07-05[ruby/bigdecimal] Add .to_s('F') digit grouping for integer partcryptogopher
2023-04-08[ruby/bigdecimal] fix: typo in document comments of `f_BigDecimal` functionHoNooD
2023-04-08[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove set but unused variableNobuyoshi Nakada
This `prec` has not been used since
2023-02-28Update the depend filesMatt Valentine-House
Notes: Merged:
2023-02-27Remove intern/gc.h from Make depsMatt Valentine-House
Notes: Merged:
2023-02-21[ruby/bigdecimal] Bump up to 3.1.4Nobuyoshi Nakada
ruby/bigdecimal#187 has changed a behavior and ruby/spec also needed a follow up at However, because bigdecimal is a separate gem and can be updated in older versions of ruby, `RUBY_VERSION` is not appropriate for this guard. That means it needs bumped up `BigDecimal::VERSION`.
2023-02-21[ruby/bigdecimal] Move RB_GC_GUARD() at the end, like in BigMath_s_exp()Benoit Daloze
2023-02-21[ruby/bigdecimal] Avoid RB_GC_GUARD(a) = b in bigdecimalBenoit Daloze
* This is not supported on TruffleRuby, which requires the value to be set before RB_GC_GUARD() is called. * See
2023-02-21[ruby/bigdecimal] Read version from bigdecimal.cNobuyoshi Nakada
The dependency of extconf.h on bigdecimal.gemspec does not make sense as far as no rule is defined for it. Also, the relationship between extension library and gemspec file is various in default gems, and does not work well.
2023-02-19[ruby/bigdecimal] Fix the license name [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
``` $ gem build bigdecimal.gemspec WARNING: license value 'BSD-2-clause' is invalid. Use a license identifier from or 'Nonstandard' for a nonstandard license. Did you mean 'BSD-2-Clause'? WARNING: See for help ```
2023-02-17[ruby/bigdecimal] Stub out extension build on JRubyCharles Oliver Nutter
JRuby currently ships its own internal bigdecimal extension as part of the core libraries. In order for users to be able to add bigdecimal to their Gemfile or gem dependencies, we need to stub out the C extension and just load the extension shipped with JRuby. In the future we will try to move our BigDecimal implementation into the gem, but for now this is the simplest way to make it installable on JRuby. See #169
2023-02-17[ruby/bigdecimal] Handle correctly #remainder with infinity. FixesMaciej Rzasa
2023-02-08Extract include/ruby/internal/attr/packed_struct.hNobuyoshi Nakada
2023-02-01[ruby/bigdecimal] Make BigDecimal WB protectedPeter Zhu
BigDecimal has no references, so it is WB protected.
2023-01-07[ruby/bigdecimal] Fix format specifiers for `size_t`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-05[ruby/bigdecimal] Bump version to 3.1.3Hiroshi SHIBATA
2022-11-15[ruby/bigdecimal] Add fallback definition of MAYBE_UNUSEDKenta Murata
2022-11-15[ruby/bigdecimal] Replace sprintf by snprintfKenta Murata
2022-11-15[ruby/bigdecimal] Mark some functions MAYBE_UNUSEDKenta Murata
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Add specific value allocatorsKenta Murata
* Add NewZero* and NewOne* function families * Use them instead of VpAlloc for allocating 0 and 1
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Add and use specific value allocatorsKenta Murata
* Add rbd_allocate_struct_zero for making 0.0 * Add rbd_allocate_struct_one for making 1.0 * Use them to replace VpAlloc calls * Renmae VpPt5 to VpConstPt5
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Make VPrint function always availableKenta Murata
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Tweak VpAllocKenta Murata
* Stop reusing mx and mf * Check szVal == NULL first * Treat special values before checking the leading `#`
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Rewrite allocation functionsKenta Murata
* Rename them * Make allocation count operations atomic
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Twak GetPrecisionInt and rename it to check_int_precisionKenta Murata
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Tweak check_rounding_mode_optionKenta Murata
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Rewrite check_rounding_mode functionKenta Murata
Use table-lookup algorithm instead of consecutive if-statements.
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] [Doc] Fix the document of n_significant_digitsKenta Murata
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Make GetVpValue inlineKenta Murata
2022-11-13[ruby/bigdecimal] Make BigDecimal_double_fig inlineKenta Murata
2022-10-30[ruby/bigdecimal] Suppress macro redefinition warningsNobuyoshi Nakada
`HAVE_` macros by autoconf are defined as 1.
2022-09-28[ruby/bigdecimal] Document precision=0 and ndigits=0 for converting from FloatMaciej Rzasa
2022-09-25[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove trailing whitespace.Samuel Williams
2022-09-25[ruby/bigdecimal] Improve documentation of BigDecimal#sign Maciek Rz─ůsa
Fixes by describing behaviour for positive and negative zero in the docs.
2022-09-19[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove symbol defs in missing.h for old RubiesPeter Zhu
Commit 2885514 added these to support Ruby 2.1. The rb_sym2str function is defined since Ruby 2.2.
2022-09-19[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove array defs in missing.h for old RubiesPeter Zhu
Commit 02b6053 added these to support Ruby 2.0.0. The rb_array_const_ptr function is defined since Ruby 2.3.
2022-08-03[ruby/bigdecimal] Updated to use the correct spec for muilti licenseThomas Winsnes
2022-08-03Updated to use multiple licensesThomas Winsnes
Co-authored-by: Hiroshi SHIBATA <>
2022-07-14[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove checks for `struct RRational` and `struct RComplex`Nobuyoshi Nakada
These are used to see only if `RRATIONAL` and `RCOMPLEX` are available, however, these two are macros and can be checked with `#ifdef` directly.
2022-07-02[ruby/bigdecimal] Correct indentation in Kernel#BigDecimalBurdetteLamar
2022-04-18[ruby/bigdecimal] Fix docsPeter Zhu
rdoc parses f[i] as a link, which results in a broken link.
2022-04-18[ruby/bigdecimal] Adjust a local variable type to exponentNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-02-22[Feature #18249] Update dependenciesPeter Zhu
Notes: Merged:
2022-01-24[ruby/bigdecimal] Version 3.1.2Kenta Murata
2022-01-24[ruby/bigdecimal] Fix the maximum precision of the quotientKenta Murata
2021-12-24[ruby/bigdecimal] Remove unused variableKenta Murata
2021-12-24[ruby/bigdecimal] Version 3.1.1Kenta Murata
2021-12-24[ruby/bigdecimal] Fix the result precision of BigDecimal#divmodKenta Murata
2021-12-24[ruby/bigdecimal] Version 3.1.0Kenta Murata