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35 hours[ruby/openssl] [DOC] Remove repeated example from DigestMau Magnaguagno
35 hoursInitial move to SnakeYAML EngineCharles Oliver Nutter
See jruby/jruby#7570 for some of the justification for this move. We only require the parser from SnakeYAML, but in the original form it is encumbered with Java object serialization code that keeps getting flagged as a CVE risk. We disagree with the assessment, at least as it pertains to JRuby (we do not use the code in question) but our inclusion of the library continues to get flagged by auditing tools. This commit starts the process of moving to the successor library, SnakeYAML Engine. The parser API is largely unchanged, except as seen in this commit. No Java exceptions are thrown, but a number of Psych tests fail (possibly due to Engine being YAML 1.2 only).
2 daysExtract check for RSTRING_SOCKLENNobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
4 days[ruby/stringio] [Bug #19389] Fix chomping with longer separatorNobuyoshi Nakada
6 days[ruby/fiddle] fiddle: Use C11 _Alignof to define ALIGN_OF whenKhem Raj
possible ( WG14 N2350 made very clear that it is an UB having type definitions within "offsetof" [1]. This patch enhances the implementation of macro ALIGN_OF to use builtin "_Alignof" to avoid undefined behavior when using std=c11 or newer clang 16+ has started to flag this [2] Fixes build when using -std >= gnu11 and using clang16+ Older compilers gcc < 4.9 or clang < 8 has buggy _Alignof even though it may support C11, exclude those compiler versions [1] [2] Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <>
6 days[ruby/fiddle] Fix comment formattingAaron Patterson
6 days[ruby/fiddle] Update documentationAaron Patterson
( The documentation for `Fiddle.dlwrap` and `Fiddle.dlunwrap` were not very accurate and pretty confusing. This commit updates the documentation so it's easier to understand what the methods do.
9 daysFix homepage url in gemspecYusuke Nakamura
GitHub Pages now hosted on *
10 days[ruby/psych] Fix RestrictedYAMLTree allowing the Symbol class should allow ↵Jean Boussier
all symbols Ref: That's how it works for `safe_load`: ```ruby >> YAML.safe_load(':foo', permitted_classes: [Symbol]) => :foo ``` So `safe_dump` should mirror that.
2023-01-18[ruby/psych] Bump up 5.0.2Hiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-18Clean up removed directories in ext/Setup* [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2023-01-18Remove removed files from ext/.document [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
- dbm/dbm.c removed at 55cd3e4ebff8fa75854ecadcd77abbf7cf4b5823 - fiber/fiber.c removed at 521ad9a13aef1e1dae4eaff70d3e6b2e358aa095 - gdbm/gdbm.c removed at edcc29dcff1b269b7748ab83adf21b2f3f97ebff
2023-01-17[ruby/psych] Bump up 5.0.2.pre1 for testingHiroshi SHIBATA
2023-01-17[ruby/psych] configure of libyaml couldn't detect "arm64-apple-darwin22" for ↵Hiroshi SHIBATA
build host. checking whether make sets $(MAKE)... (cached) yes checking build system type... arm-apple-darwin21.6.0 checking host system type... Invalid configuration `arm64-apple-darwin21': machine `arm64-apple' not recognized configure: error: /bin/sh /Users/hsbt/Downloads/yaml-0.2.5/config/config.sub arm64-apple-darwin21 failed *** extconf.rb failed ***
2023-01-16fix typo in comments / autodocRick Hull
replace _socktype_ with _type_ in the comments Notes: Merged:
2023-01-14[ruby/psych] Remove deleted file from gemspecCharles Oliver Nutter
2023-01-11Remove Encoding#replicateBenoit Daloze
Notes: Merged:
2023-01-11[ruby/psych] Get rid of anonymous eval callsJean Boussier
Things declared in anonymous eval are always annoying to locate.
2023-01-09[ruby/zlib] Check for functions with arguments and the headerNobuyoshi Nakada
With arguments, mkmf skips compilation check for the function as RHS.
2023-01-09[ruby/psych] Fix wrong package name of MSYS2/MINGW dependencyLars Kanis
There is no package called "libyaml-devel". "libyaml" is enough.
2023-01-07[ruby/bigdecimal] Fix format specifiers for `size_t`Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-01-06[ruby/psych] Strip trailing spaces [ci skip]Nobuyoshi Nakada
2023-01-06[ruby/psych] Add msys2 dependencies for windowsdsisnero
2023-01-05Add embedded status to dumps of T_OBJECTPeter Zhu
This commit adds `"embedded":true` in ObjectSpace.dump for T_OBJECTs that are embedded. Notes: Merged:
2023-01-04Fix crash in tracing object allocationsPeter Zhu
ObjectSpace.trace_object_allocations_start could crash since it adds a TracePoint for when objects are freed. However, TracePoint could crash since it modifies st tables while inside the GC that is trying to free the object. This could cause a memory allocation to happen which would crash if it triggers another GC. See a crash log: Notes: Merged:
2023-01-01[DOC] [Bug #19290] fix formattingNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-29Coverage.supported? recognizes oneshot_lines mode (#7040)Kevin Murphy
This adds oneshot_lines as a mode of coverage that is supported. Notes: Merged-By: ioquatix <>
2022-12-26[DOC] Surface existing MonitorMixin documentationMarco Costa
Notes: Merged:
2022-12-26bump up to 3.0.5Sutou Kouhei
Notes: Merged:
2022-12-26[ruby/strscan] Bump versionSutou Kouhei Notes: Merged:
2022-12-26[ruby/fiddle] Prefer String#unpack1 in Fiddle::ValueUtilMau Magnaguagno
( String#unpack1 is available since Ruby 2.4, and support for older than Ruby 2.5 was dropped by #85. Also simplified a common return statement. Notes: Merged:
2022-12-26[ruby/fiddle] Bump versionSutou Kouhei Notes: Merged:
2022-12-26Apply the accidental commits again before Ruby 3.2.Hiroshi SHIBATA
Reverts the following commits: eb8d4d7b5145849325985c00b810b8d75661d86e edb83dc3a2c374e880e8eb488152872152790e92 d40064d1846b5835dff81e3f168c0c3a6c85e814
2022-12-23Revert the additional change from openssl-3.1.0Hiroshi SHIBATA
Revert "[ruby/openssl] pkey/ec: constify" This reverts commit d2cd903c85f38f42c6aefc6d97a1558f74d8d9db.
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] pkey/ec: constifyNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-23Bump version to 1.6.2Hiroshi SHIBATA
2022-12-23Bump up Racc parser versionHiroshi SHIBATA
2022-12-23[ruby/racc] Removed old originalId in commentJohnny Willemsen
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Ruby/OpenSSL 3.1.0Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Ruby/OpenSSL 3.0.2Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Ruby/OpenSSL 2.2.3Kazuki Yamaguchi
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] pkey/ec: check private key validity with OpenSSL 3Joe Truba
The behavior of EVP_PKEY_public_check changed between OpenSSL 1.1.1 and 3.0 so that it no longer validates the private key. Instead, private keys can be validated through EVP_PKEY_private_check and EVP_PKEY_pairwise_check. [ky: simplified condition to use either EVP_PKEY_check() or EVP_PKEY_public_check().]
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Undefine `OpenSSL::SSL` for no socket platformsYuta Saito
This fixes a linkage error about `ossl_ssl_type` on platforms which do not have socket, like WASI. Even before this patch, some items are disabled under `OPENSSL_NO_SOCK` since However, due to some new use of OpenSSL::SSL::Socket over the past few years, the build under `OPENSSL_NO_SOCK` had been broken. This patch guards whole `OpenSSL::SSL` items by `OPENSSL_NO_SOCK`. [ky: adjusted to apply on top of my previous commit that removed the OpenSSL::ExtConfig, and added a guard to lib/openssl/ssl.rb.]
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] ssl: remove OpenSSL::ExtConfigKazuki Yamaguchi
This module was introduced in 2015 for internal use within this library. Neither of the two constants in it is used anymore. I don't think we will be adding a new constant in the foreseeable future, either. OPENSSL_NO_SOCK is unused since commit (r55191). HAVE_TLSEXT_HOST_NAME is unused since commit
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] ssl: disable NPN support on LibreSSLKazuki Yamaguchi
As noted in commit ("test/test_ssl: do not run NPN tests for LibreSSL >= 2.6.1", 2017-08-13), NPN is known not to work properly on LibreSSL. Disable NPN support on LibreSSL, whether OPENSSL_NO_NEXTPROTONEG is defined or not. NPN is less relevant today anyway. Let's also silence test suite when it's not available.
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] ssl: update TLS1_3_VERSION workaround for older LibreSSL versionsKazuki Yamaguchi
The macro is now defined by default in LibreSSL 3.4+. Let's document it for future readers.
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Suppress deprecation warnings by OpenSSL 3Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Constify when building with OpenSSL 3Nobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] Check for functions with argumentsNobuyoshi Nakada
2022-12-23[ruby/openssl] pkey/ec: fix ossl_raise() calls using cEC_POINT instead of ↵Joe Truba