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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-01-18Clean up removed directories in ext/Setup* [ci skip]Kazuhiro NISHIYAMA
2020-06-19Removed sdbm entries from toolchaninsHiroshi SHIBATA
2016-08-09* ext/tk: Tk is removed from stdlib. [Feature #8539]naruse
2015-12-20cgi/escape: Optimize CGI.escapeHTMLnobu
2014-10-31* ext/dl/*: remove DL as it is replaced by Fiddle.tenderlove
2013-12-09* ext/curses, sample/curses: removed curses.shugo
2012-08-22* ext/syck: removed. Fixes [ruby-core:43360]tenderlove
2012-04-23* ext/iconv: deprecated. [Feature #6322]nobu
2005-01-26* ext/Setup*: remove tcltklib.usa
2004-09-12* ext/Setup: add ripper.aamine
2003-10-13Add ext/enumerator, a helper module for the Enumerable interface.knu
2003-08-05 * ext/Setup*: add io/wait and openssl.usa
2003-05-13* lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb, lib/yaml/types.rb: using Object#object_idwhy
2003-04-25Removed lib & sample dir.shigek
2003-04-24BigDecimal dir. rearrangement according to the suggestions from Minero Aoki.shigek
2003-04-19* ext/Setup*: Add zlib and remove bogus and obsolete entries.knu
2003-03-28Entries for bigdecimal added.shigek
2002-10-01* range.c (range_check): need no Fixnum check.matz