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2015-04-12* ext/json/json.gemspec, lib/rdoc/rdoc.gemspec: added gemspec directly.hsbt
2015-04-12* ext/json/*, test/json/*: Reverted r50231. Because it's not works withhsbt
2015-04-11* ext/json/*, test/json/*, defs/default_gems: Gemify JSON library.hsbt
2015-04-04* lib/rake/*: Gemify rake [fix GH-862][Feature #11025]hsbt
2014-07-15* defs/default_gems: change version definition file of rake.hsbt
2014-05-24* defs/default_gems: remvoed mintiest entry.hsbt
2012-12-01* re-added r38053 that is reverted by r38061. Problems by r38053kou
2012-11-30* revert r38053 because it causes too many test failures.usa
2012-11-30* defs/default_gems: Add base directory column.kou
2011-08-04* tool/rbinstall.rb (gem): install all gemspecs under lib and ext.nobu
2011-08-03installing psych as a gemtenderlove
2011-07-30* defs/default_gems: separate from tool/rbinstall.rb.nobu