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2015-02-09TestException.rb: exclude stack overflow testsnobu do not rebuild unnecessarilynobu
2015-02-03* (ruby-glommed.o): dependency on $(OBJ) should be writtenngoto link DTRACE_OBJnobu dtrace-specific stuffsnobu reorder cleannobu make enc/transnobu
2015-01-18builtin encodings and transcoder locationsnobu unicode header locationsnobu extract-gemsnobu more cleannobu
2014-12-24* (up): propagate verbose option.usa
2014-12-23*, move common-srcs to becauseusa run after-updatenobu
2014-12-23extlibs.rb: external librariesnobu
2014-12-19Update dependencies.akr
2014-12-19update dependencies.akr
2014-12-15make-snapshot: use srcdirnobu htmlnobu clean more filesnobu rebuild verconf.h for each configurenobu ext/json/parser/parser.cnobu
2014-11-27Update dependency.akr INITOBJSnobu
2014-11-27dmyenc.c: separatenobu
2014-11-27* (miniprelude.c): It is not depend on prelude.rb now.akr
2014-11-27Update dependencies.akr prelude.c by BASERUBYnobu no preludes for minirubynobu
2014-11-25* encdb.h and transdb.h depends on $(PREP).akr
2014-11-25* (prereq): Don't depends on prelude.c and golf_prelude.c.akr
2014-11-25* template/prelude.c.tmpl: Don't expand RbConfig::Config[...].akr remove old gemsnobu keep verconf.h if unchangednobu use PWD with nmakenobu
2014-11-21* (ext/ripper/ripper.c): revert about srcdir and top_srcdir.naruse
2014-11-21Update dependency.akr fix dependenciesnobu
2014-11-20* (ext/ripper/ripper.c): id.h in VPATH may exist in the buildnaruse fix build errornobu ims=nil optionnobu
2014-11-19* (ext/json/parser/parser.c): don't touch parse.c,naruse
2014-11-19* (ext/ripper/ripper.c): use $(PWD) to getnaruse
2014-11-19* (ext/ripper/ripper.c): pass build directory as VPATH.naruse
2014-11-18* revert r48486 because it breaks mswin build. start over.usa remove srcdir prefixnobu
2014-11-18Dependencies updated.akr
2014-11-16* (CCAN_LIST_INCLUDES): Unused variable removed.akr
2014-11-16Revert r48450.akr
2014-11-15* Specify dependencies for generated C sources.akr