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committernobu <nobu@b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e>2015-01-13 12:57:13 +0000
commit3303dbf01bffe833bd0d7d372bcad9c2ec8f5212 (patch)
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parent8f37674ffd5f4fd7ef581f4c5055b0b4f5acb763 (diff) more clean
* (distclean-local): remove autom4te.cache generated by autoconf. * (realclean-local): remove id sources and dummy header for dtrace. [ruby-core:67562] [Bug #10737] git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98ff-823fe69b080e
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diff --git a/ b/
index a11f030..0b82bcc 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -486,6 +486,7 @@ distclean-local:: clean-local
$(Q)$(RM) $(MKFILES) yasmdata.rb *.inc $(arch)-fake.rb
$(Q)$(RM) config.cache config.status config.status.lineno
$(Q)$(RM) *~ *.bak *.stackdump core *.core gmon.out $(PREP)
+ $(Q)$(RMALL) $(srcdir)/autom4te.cache
distclean-ext:: PHONY
distclean-golf: clean-golf
distclean-rdoc: PHONY
@@ -497,7 +498,9 @@ distclean-platform: clean-platform
realclean:: realclean-ext realclean-local realclean-enc realclean-golf realclean-extout
realclean-local:: distclean-local
$(Q)$(RM) parse.c parse.h lex.c newline.c $(PRELUDES) revision.h
+ $(Q)$(RM) id.c id.h probes.dmyh
$(Q)$(CHDIR) $(srcdir) && $(exec) $(RM) parse.c parse.h lex.c newline.c $(PRELUDES) revision.h
+ $(Q)$(CHDIR) $(srcdir) && $(exec) $(RM) id.c id.h probes.dmyh
$(Q)$(CHDIR) $(srcdir) && $(exec) $(RM) configure tool/config.guess tool/config.sub gems/*.gem
realclean-ext:: PHONY
realclean-golf: distclean-golf