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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-30Unfreeze string-literal-only interpolated string-literalNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-08Hoisted out functions for no name rest argument symbolNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-08Constified NODE pointer in ASTNodeDataNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-07-08Added `NODE_SPECIAL_EXCESSIVE_COMMA` info to `ARGS` of `RubyVM::AbstractSynta...manga_osyo
2020-07-05Add operator info to `OP_ASGN2` of `RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree`.manga_osyo
2020-06-29node_children: do not goto into a branch卜部昌平
2020-06-14Introduce find pattern [Feature #16828]Kazuki Tsujimoto
2019-12-29Separate builtin initialization callsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-12-26decouple internal.h headers卜部昌平
2019-11-12Revert "Method reference operator"Nobuyoshi Nakada
2019-11-08Renamed `load_*.inc` as `*.rbinc` to utilize a suffix ruleNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-11-08use builtin for RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree.Koichi Sasada
2019-09-07Rename NODE_ARRAY to NODE_LIST to reflect its actual use casesYusuke Endoh
2019-09-01Make pattern matching support **nil syntaxKazuki Tsujimoto
2019-08-30Make RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree handle **nil syntaxJeremy Evans
2019-08-19Make it as clear as possible that RubyVM is MRI-specific and only exists on M...Benoit Daloze
2019-07-23Support memsize of ASTNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-22ast.c: update inspect results in the documentsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-18Distinguish pre-condition and post-condition loopsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-04-20Avoid usage of the dummy empty BEGIN nodektsj
2019-04-20Add symbol to the result of `RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree#children`.yui-knk
2019-04-17Introduce pattern matching [EXPERIMENTAL]ktsj
2019-03-22[DOC] fix markups [ci skip]nobu
2019-01-14ast.c: fix missing head part in dynamic literalnobu
2019-01-06ast.c: argument must be a stringnobu
2018-12-31Method reference operatornobu
2018-12-24Compact AST::Node#inspectnobu
2018-12-03Refine RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree::Node#typenobu
2018-11-11Add docs to RubyVM::AbstractSyntaxTree.ofyui-knk
2018-11-11Make some functions to be staticyui-knk
2018-11-10AST.of -e scriptnobu
2018-11-10Parse the source in SCRIPT_LINES__ as arraynobu
2018-11-10Check the argument before creating a parsernobu
2018-11-10Parse the source in SCRIPT_LINES__ if possiblenobu
2018-11-09Get rid of setting SCRIPT_LINES__ by AST.parsenobu
2018-11-09Hoisted out rb_ast_parse_str and rb_ast_parse_filenobu
2018-11-09Rename `AST` module to `AbstractSyntaxTree`yui-knk
2018-11-05Implement `RubyVM::AST.of` [Feature #14836]yui-knk
2018-10-20ast.c: Fix the documents of `RubyVM::AST.parse` and `RubyVM::AST.parse_file`yui-knk
2018-10-03Improve docs for RubyVM::AST and RubyVM::AST::Nodestomar
2018-08-17ast.c (rb_ast_node_type): return frozen stringsnobu
2018-08-03ast.c: allocator of Nodenobu
2018-07-25Add docs to RubyVM::ASTtenderlove
2018-06-28ast.c: Fix defsyui-knk
2018-06-08ast.c: fix callsnobu
2018-06-07ast.c: refine AST#childrennobu
2018-06-07ast.c: adjust indentnobu
2018-06-07ast.c: Fix to raise `SyntaxError`yui-knk
2018-06-06ast.c: Change tabs to spacesyui-knk
2018-05-31Undef RubyVM::AST::Node.newyui-knk