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2014-11-26ruby.h: export keyword argument functionsnobu
2014-11-16vm_eval.c: rb_current_receivernobu
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2014-10-12* README.EXT: [DOC] fix example missing typedef with patch byzzak
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2014-09-19README.EXT: utf-8 string functionsnobu
2014-08-14README.EXT: preliminary documentation for RB_GC_GUARDnormal
2014-08-03make symbol conversion functions publicnobu
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2013-09-03string.c: rb_enc_str_new_cstrnobu
2013-08-03* README.EXT, README.EXT.ja: Mention rb_integer_pack andakr
2013-06-12Add Appendix C containing a pointer to mkmf.knu
2013-05-31vm_eval.c: new names of rb_funcall familynobu
2013-05-31* README.EXT: refine a sentence. thanks to Leonard Chin.nobu
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2013-04-27* README.EXT: Add note to warn use of %i in Exceptions [Bug #7982]zzak
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2012-06-08* README.EXT (prepare extconf.rb): Added note to see MakeMakefile fordrbrain
2012-04-11* parse.y (rb_check_id_cstr): new function to check if ID isnobu
2012-03-08* array.c (rb_ary_cat): new function to concat objects into array.nobu
2012-01-24* README.EXT, README.EXT.ja: rb_iter_break() and rb_iter_break_value().nobu
2012-01-14* README.EXT, README.EXT.ja (rb_protect): add a note when ignoring the caught...nobu
2011-11-13* lib/mkmf.rb (checking_for): should not modify the result.nobu
2011-09-12* README.EXT, README.EXT.ja (2.2.2), parse.y (rb_check_id): addnobu
2011-08-25* README*: remove trailing spaces.kazu
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2011-01-20* README.EXT, README.EXT.ja: You shouldn't choose ``conftest.c'' as amrkn
2010-09-10* class.c (rb_scan_args): Add support for optional keywordknu