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2018-02-11.travis.yml: resurrect notification to #commitsk0kubun
2018-02-11.travis.yml: send notification to #alertsk0kubun
2018-02-09.travis.yml: force to execute JIT test on Travisk0kubun
2018-02-07.travis.yml: try `make install` to test JITk0kubun
2018-01-26Removed workaround Travis CI.hsbt
2018-01-05Try to fix Travis CI configuration.hsbt
2017-12-25Add ruby_2_5 branch to .travis.ymlnaruse
2017-12-13Travis: the workaround needs sudo: required to workeregon
2017-12-13Use the older Travis CI imageeregon
2017-11-23.travis.yml: revert "workaround to resolve ::1"k0kubun
2017-11-10.travis.yml: workaround to resolve ::1k0kubun
2017-10-25Regenerate slack token on Travis CI.hsbt
2017-09-20Adapt tools to follow spec/rubyspec => spec/ruby renameeregon
2017-09-05Update credentials for Travis/Slack integration.hsbt
2017-08-02Partly reverted email notification on travis configuration.hsbt
2017-08-02Remove "make update-rubyspec"kazu
2017-07-27Update configuration for slack notification.hsbt
2017-07-26To use slack notification instead of email notification.hsbt
2017-07-26Removed Ruby 2.1 from Travis CI. It's EOL status on 2017.hsbt
2017-07-08.travis.yml: update dist to trustynobu
2017-05-27.travis.yml: exts is not needed for tests herenobu
2017-05-27mspec/commands/mspec.rb: formatter for multi_execnobu
2017-05-27.travis.yml: get number of processors at runtimenobu
2017-05-23readonly srcdirnobu
2017-05-23out-of-place on travisnobu
2017-05-02.travis.yml: tweek after-updatenobu
2017-04-08Show logs after PR mergernobu
2017-04-08Split commandsnobu
2017-04-07.travis.yml: split long command [ci skip]nobu
2017-04-07.travis.yml: multiple rubyspec PRs [ci skip]nobu
2017-03-30.travis.yml: make tests silent [ci skip]nobu
2017-03-30.travis.yml: checkout ruby/spec PRnobu
2017-03-24Don't download from Unicode.orgnobu touch-unicode-filesnobu
2017-03-23Don't download from Unicode.orgnobu
2016-12-23Add ruby_2_4 branch to test on travis [skip ci]naruse
2016-11-17Remove webhook notification to Travis CI [skip ci]hsbt
2016-10-05Update freenode server name [ci skip]kazu
2016-09-28 * .travis.yml: delete comments. They were outdated. [ci skip]shyouhei
2016-03-08ruby 2.0.0 has endednobu
2016-03-07.travis.yml: add branches [ci skip]nobu
2016-01-13* .travis.yml: removed commented-out code.hsbt
2016-01-13* .travis.yml: removed osx code. follow up with r53517hsbt
2016-01-13fix previous commitnaruse
2016-01-13make CI output simplernaruse
2016-01-13don't replace job status, it consume log length countnaruse
2016-01-13try sudo:false on travisnaruse
2016-01-12drop osx and clang because they are often fails and slownaruse
2015-12-24Add ruby_2_3 branch to .travis.yml [ci skip]naruse
2015-09-09* .travis.yml: retry.usa