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2020-11-04.travis.yml: delete x86_64卜部昌平
2020-11-04.travis.yml: delete sanitizer tests卜部昌平
2020-11-04.github/workflows/baseruby.yml: add卜部昌平
2020-10-23.github/workflows/spec_guards.yml add卜部昌平
2020-10-21.travis.yml: reduce redundant tests卜部昌平
2020-08-22.travis.yml: prefer gcc卜部昌平
2020-06-16Just update sources in CI without fetchingNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-05-03Travis s390x-linux is too unstableTakashi Kokubun
2020-04-29.travis.yml: hoisted out spec-on-old-rubyNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-17Remove invalid webhook configTakashi Kokubun
2020-04-05Revert "Moved aclocal.m4 to macro directory"Nobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-05Moved aclocal.m4 to macro directoryNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-04-01Drop support for ruby 2.4 from ruby/specNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-21Enablie IPv6 on Travis s390s case again.Jun Aruga
2020-03-19.travis.yml: allow arm64-linux to fail卜部昌平
2020-03-19.travis.yml: allow arm32-linux to fail卜部昌平
2020-03-10Drop direct Slack notification from CIsTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-07Hook an experimental alert from TravisTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-02.travis.yml, .github: delete environmental dumps卜部昌平
2020-03-02.travis.yml: favor >- over |- and backslash卜部昌平
2020-03-02.travis.yml: mandate UBSAN卜部昌平
2020-03-02.travis.yml delete darwin debug code卜部昌平
2020-03-02.travis.yml: ruby_2_7 is travis ready.卜部昌平
2020-01-28Run specs on Ruby 2.7 too to make sure they keep passingBenoit Daloze
2020-01-28Run specs against the latest release of 2.4Benoit Daloze
2020-01-14Remove s390x from allow_failuresJun Aruga
2020-01-07Disable IPv6 on Travis s390x case. (#2819)Jun Aruga
2019-12-28Do not notify Travis on_successTakashi Kokubun
2019-12-11Fix .travis.yml to keep s390x-linux as allow_featuresYusuke Endoh
2019-12-11Move s390x-linux to allow_failures matrixYusuke Endoh
2019-12-06Adding s390x support (#2727)Namrata Bhave
2019-12-05Fix "cannot find the function: strcpy()" error on arm32 on Travis CI. (#2686)Jun Aruga
2019-11-13Add arm32 case on Travis.Jun Aruga
2019-11-12Remove arm64 from allow_failuresTakashi Kokubun
2019-11-08Change requirements of BASERUBY.Koichi Sasada
2019-11-06Revert "Remove arm64 from allow_failures"Takashi Kokubun
2019-11-06Remove arm64 from allow_failuresTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-25Edit vm_opts.h for VM optionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-10-22Use cppflags to pass preprocessor optionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-10-22Add a cron job to keep CPDEBUG workingAlan Wu
2019-10-16Revert "Disable ccache on arm64 build"Takashi Kokubun
2019-10-16Maintain the intention of comment in Travis matrixTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-16Disable ccache on arm64 buildTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-16Enforce --jit-debug test by another wayTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-16Fix test path on travis buildTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-16Test without --jit-debug by defaultTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-16Add arm64 case on Travis. (#2559)Jun Aruga
2019-09-18Try using Ruby 1.9.3 on Travis xenialTakashi Kokubun
2019-09-09add missing dependency for .travis.yml卜部昌平
2019-09-03Avoid defining unused instructionsTakashi Kokubun